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Camp 2016 Party Theme

As zombies and called dances are not winning the Sparkly Camper love, we'll be going back to the drawing board. Thanks for everyone's input!

Our plan for the Sparkly Party this year is Cowboys & Zombies, in honour of the cinematic masterpiece[1] Dead 7. This gives everyone a choice of zombie or Wild West themed clothing. Or combine both! Or go for boyband zombies! Or boyband cowboys in sparkly chaps! Or just bring a plaid shirt and jeans and call it good :-)

Pen will be bringing her face paints. There's also a costume shop in Llandudno to which we can organize an expedition if people would like to pick up accessories. For zombie costuming, we can hit up a couple of charity shops so people can find something cheap to rip up.

There will be a cake, and appropriately themed food. In place of the Sparkly Dance Party, we're looking into booking a live ceilidh band so that we can have some called barn dancing/line dancing in the evening. We're running a bit of a surplus in the Camp account at the moment which lets us cover some of the cost of that, but it would need a bit extra on top of what we have, but definitely no more than £10 a head.

Is the barn/line dance idea something that people would enjoy and think is worth the money?
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Sounds fun to me!

(I can't believe I don't own any plaid any more...)
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Sounds like fun.

Also, does anyone happen to have a copy of the movie they will be bringing. Say, a handy digital copy suited for sharing? *eyes JM* Cause so far I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
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All this trouble for a movie written by Nick Carter. :p
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I saw and corrected right away, but I think the original comment got sent in the email notification.

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I have the perfect hat for this occasion ... and what is the point of having a living room big enough to line dance in, if not to make use of the opportunity?
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I'm afraid I'm really not into zombies so I'm going to have to vote no. Sorry.

Maybe a zombie-themed movie night for those who want to watch the film?
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Re the band:

1) not comfortable with strangers at the party or dancing in front of them

2) my 'dancing' is basically just jumping around to boyband songs

So voting no on the band.
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I don't want to be a buzzkill for anyone coming up with ideas, and for any other setting I'm sure it would be fun, but I do have to say I'm also hugely uncomfortable with the idea of non-Campers at the party.

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Thirded! The parties are the most fun when it's just us, relaxing, eating yummy foods and being silly, and I think it'd easily get uncomfortable with strangers.

Also, I'm not a huge fan of a zombie themed party. Cowboys I'm good with but I think it'd be better to keep the horror/gore themed stuff, including the movie, to a night where people can opt out of it, despite the delightful madness I'm sure the Dead 7 is going to be.

And like Noora, I'm sorry if I'm being a sourpuss. Trying to think of ideas as well - I really appreciate all things you guys plan and organize.
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