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Hmm. Well. Post-poll, I'm wondering whether going off to some kind of workshop is really worth doing? I can get back to the gallery place and ask if they'd be happy to do a workshop for 5-6 people, which looks like all it would be, but perhaps it would be better for those of us who like the idea simply to show up at their open session, which I believe is on Wednesday afternoon?

What we could also do is have some in-house creative options, not necessarily scheduled but available as backups in case of foul weather.

I'm planning on bringing crayons and some of the nifty adult colouring books for everyone to share.

We could do our own cupcake baking and decorating session (does anyone have fancy icing nozzles?), or do the ninjabread men in sparkly outfits?

And is there anyone who'd like to learn to knit, or to learn some knitting techniques they don't know? Because I think there are enough people who knit to be able to run quite a fun session on beginning/improving. I've got about a thousand knitting needles and quite a lot of stash yarn which I'm happy to donate.

I *could* bring the glass painting stuff, if anyone wants to have a go at making Pen-style cards - will only dig it out of the Lion's Cage if there is actual interest, so let me know.

Does anyone else have an arty-crafty skill they could share?

Most importantly, would any of you like to participate in any of the above?
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