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It's time to figure out room allocations.

The house has ten bedrooms; three are doubles, five have twin beds, and the remaining two contain a double and a twin. Almost all have an ensuite bathroom of some kind, and the two that don't are just opposite a general bathroom, so we are well suited.

So, please let me know who you're planning to share with, and if you'd like a double or twin arrangement - and if anyone wants to share three to a room, let me know. Assuming that married folk will be sharing beds, we can otherwise allow a bed per person, but I'm not sure whether it will be possible for anyone to have a single room or not. If you'd prefer one, ask, and I will see what can be done.
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Hi All!

Well. I've done a room assignment thingy, so can you take a look to make sure you are put where you want to be, before I call the owners and arrange for the beds to be made up accordingly.

Ground Floor
Bed 1 [ profile] _bettina_ (made up as double)
Bed 2 [ profile] msktrnanny (made up as double)
Bed 3 [ profile] fleurrochard and [ profile] stellamira (twin)

First Floor
Bed 4 [ profile] bubbleforest and [ profile] iconis (twin)
Bed 5 [ profile] rikes and [ profile] saba1789 (made up as double)
Bed 6 [ profile] pensnest and Beast (double)
Bunk Room [ profile] kira_j

Second Floor
I'm not allocating rooms by number as I'm not sure which is which, so to some extent it will be 'find your own' once you get there! (If the owner can give me room numbers I'll put them up.)

Double at back [ profile] nopseud
Small room on right [ profile] turlough (made up as double)
Twin [ profile] ninjetti75 and [ profile] ephemera
Twin [ profile] chalcopyrite and [ profile] fadedsouls
Twin [ profile] adelate and [ profile] ihearthings_ii

Is everybody okay with this?
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Right, we have the bedroom listing, so now's the time for you to group into suitable bunches and let me know who wants to share with whom.

[ profile] nopseud and I have already sorted our preferences, being as how we want doubles to share with our menfolk.

For the rest of you, it looks as though everyone can have a single bed. Caveat: there may in practice be limits on this, so it could be that some of you will have to share a double. Anyway, I'll put down the room sizes, so sort yourselves out as to whom you want to share with, and comment, asap!

Ground floor:
Bedroom 1 Three people
Bedroom 2 Three people

First floor:

Bedrooms 3 and 4 allocated to Nopseud and to Pensnest
Bedroom 5: Four people

Top floor:

Bedroom 6: Three people
Bedroom 7: Two people (bunk beds)

Some of the rooms have ensuites of some kind, but you'll just have to wait and see what you get!

ETA Wow, that was fast! Okay, what I think we have is as follows:

Ground floor:
Bedroom 1 Sperrywink, Turlough, Fadedsouls (hope this is okay with you!)
Bedroom 2 Bettina, Mira, Fleur

First floor:

Bedrooms 3: Nopseud + Archiegremlin
Bedroom 4: Pensnest + Beast
Bedroom 5: Ninjetti, Chalcopyrite, Titch, Trumpeterofdoom

Top floor:

Bedroom 6: CJ, Adelate, Bubbleforest
Bedroom 7: Saba, Rikes


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