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(1) Brighton Erotic boutique
(2) Suggested by Saba. So it's her fault, totally!
(3) Transcriber error—five words as given were "clone!Nick" Oops?
(4) Yes, it's on purpose
(5) Non-editor's note: it would seem probable that the individual cuddling closer to JC is in fact Chris and not the lion, but the reader is invited to make an alternative interpretation if that seems preferable.
(6) Told you it was ambiguous.
(7) Are we getting a 'ding!' vibe here, gentle readers? I think we are.
(8) Brian? Wait, what?
(9) Note the author's wise choice to avoid precision at this point.
(10) Short for Ambrosius
(11) See (9)
(12) I don't even know. Drinking now.
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For [ profile] ninjetti75, who asked for it.

(aka Things Could Be Worse, There Could Be Eels) )
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The Camp Sparkle 2013 Add Five Words Story can be accessed here. I have not typed it out—if there is Huge Demand, I will do so, but, you know... Anyway, it is recorded for your delight edification pleasure for you.
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1. Food. I suggest the following schedule

Monday: Pen (pies, various)

Tuesday: Stellamira (pasta salad with possible meatballs)

Wednesday: Turlough (chicken and veg thingy)

Thursday: Fleur (lentil soup and cake) nb slightly reduced numbers on this date

Friday: FEAST (because everyone will be there!) Pen and nopseud will take charge

Saturday: Chalcopyrite (to maximise usefulness of vegetarianism!)

Sunday: ihearthings_ii for Kringle, saba for cheese soup

However, if you want to negotiate swaps, go ahead! Minions, I'm sure you will distribute yourselves/volunteer appropriately. Chefs, feel free to bellow for a minion at any stage.

2. What to do in Brighton

There is *so* much to do! I have some basic suggestions for a framework...

Royal Pavilion - a group effort, I think, as it's the iconic thing in Brighton. How about we start there on Tuesday morning? If we're also going to do a group visit to the Aquarium, I suggest maybe Wednesday morning for that one.

Camp Sparkle Minigolf Extravaganza sounds like a Wednesday afternoon to me, weather permitting. Possibly nonparticipants can run a book on the event… or video it, to our subsequent shame.

Borde Hill Garden: Chalcopyrite, Turlough and I, and possibly also Beast, will hie ourselves thither at some point. Thursday afternoon?

The Toy Museum - Friday morning?

Nobody seems to have mentioned the Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival at Black Rock, but I certainly intend to give it a look at some point. There are also several city walks, eg Ghost Walk of the Lanes, Brighton Murder and Mayhem tour, for the grisly-minded among us.

There is a *lot* to do, and I think probably the best thing for us is to have a noticeboard up in the house somewhere, or maybe a "what's everyone doing tomorrow" moment during dinner, so that people who want to do something can group up. Can anyone think of a good system for this?

I suggest that we pull out a bit of sparkly stuff in the evenings, when we're all too exhausted to get up and go out. Any suggestions? We do have a modest amount of Timberlake flesh on display in "Friends with Benefits". Anyone else got new stuff?

3. As for Getting There, is everyone sure of what they're doing?

To recap: adelate, stellamira and bettina will be chez Pen on Monday morning. We're planning to have Nopseud collect a couple of you and head down to Brighton in good time to open up the house; Beast and I will go via Stansted that afternoon with the remaining visitor, scoop up Fleur, and get to Brighton as soon as we can.

Rikes and Saba will have to get the bus from Heathrow, sorry about that but it seems like the only viable solution, as your flight lands at about the same time Fleur's does, but there probably isn't a viable bus from Stansted to Brighton.

Everyone else is getting to Brighton on the train: Fadedsouls gets in to Gatwick in the morning, Chalcopyrite at 1430, ihearthings_ii from London - possibly the three of you can co-ordinate and maybe share a taxi from the station to the house?

From the website, it looks as though we should have access from 3.30pm, but I've just emailed the owner to check on details. We have to be out by 10.30am on Monday.
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So, I've been trying to get Visit Britain to tell me about their joint Pavilion/Sea Life Center tickets. Unfortunately, they're still waiting for them to come from the printers, and they don't know what the price will be until the tickets arrive (???). They're already overdue by a couple of weeks, apparently, and they don't know when they'll show up, although hopefully it will be next week.

The good news is that there's no need to buy the joint tickets in advance, or to buy them in any minimum number. And this year they're also going to have a triple ticket for the Pavilion, aquarium and a ride on the Brighton Wheel. I'm going to call next week and see if I can more definite news. I won't do anything about buying Sea Life Centre tickets until then.

Anyway, in view of the delay, I'll be calculating the final prices for food/accommodation in the next day or two, and sending them out to everyone.
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How many people want to go to the Sea Life Center? If there are ten of us<, I can book group tickets that will make it £9 per ticket. Unfortunately, they'll all need to be for the same day to get the group discount. If you'd like to go, comment and mention any days (other than the days you haven't booked for Camp) that you can't go, and I'll see if it's workable.

As [ profile] adelate has pointed out, we can get tickets for £9.10 for any size multiple booking. So just comment, with days you can't go, and I'll book the tickets! I'm sure I'll be able to juggle to get cheaper tickets for everyone, even if we end up going on a couple of different days.
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Can we do a round-up of how and when people are planning to get there?

I need dates and times and flight numbers (and airports!) for people who're coming early and needing to stay with me (I think only Noora and Bettina, but I don't want to forget anyone!).

Those of you arriving at Gatwick sometime on the Monday might well be able to travel onward together, so this would be a good place to announce your arrival time. How much pleasanter it will be to land in the welcoming arms of fellow Sparklers, yes?

Does anyone need a pick-up on Monday from an airport that is not Gatwick? If so, where and when?

And is there anything else I should know?
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If there's anyone who hasn't sent back their sign-up form, or who hasn't yet asked for one but still wants to come, please can you let me know in the next couple of days? After that I'll be calculating everyone's payments. The following people are on my spreadsheet at the moment:

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