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I've had a go at a preliminary timetable. Comments, suggestions, requests etc, please. I'm perfectly happy to rearrange, and will repost a revised/finalised version when you've had your say.

Does anyone have requests for footage? I think we should watch Nick Carter's DWTS, possibly even in conjunction with Joey's and Lance's DWTS, which we have not looked at in a long time. What say you? When looks like a good day?

arrivals, possibly a concert

General Camp stuff, reconnecting, games, etc
Feast and Party

Sunday now TUESDAY
nb It will take about an hour to get to either place, and they are ten minutes apart. I'm not sure whether it is a good idea to try to do both in one day, or to pick one. Your thoughts?

Craft and Cookery Day/random wanderings otherwhere for people who don't want to do craft stuff. Possibly you could build sandcastles instead.
Dead 7

Tuesday now SUNDAY
Caernarfon Castle, possibly also Slate Works/Aviation Museum

Snowdon Railway
nb we need to book this in advance, which I suggest is best done as soon as we have some kind of weather forecast for the week.

Llandudno: shopping/Bodnant Farm Park/Afternoon Tea at 1630ish (or later?)
nb we're looking at somewhere a bit fancy for Afternoon Tea, but it won't be a lunch substitute as they don't start serving until 1530, so perhaps we can treat it as a dinner substitute instead.

I don't know if we want to timetable such things as the Games, what do you think?

Once we have firmed up the timetable of activities (as far as possible, since the weather will almost certainly have a role in deciding things), I'll put up a cooking schedule post.
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I've done a little investigating, and there are two fairly different options for your consideration.

The Cupcake lady could come to us at The Ship Inn on June 11th (Saturday), either from 10am-1pm or 10am-3.30pm. This includes learning how to make decorations from scratch for cupcakes, using various tools and equipment. And in the process learning different skills, techniques and tips including piping buttercream.

Cost is £65 per person for the morning-only class or £100 per person for the full day. I'm assuming we would get to eat the cupcakes.

A completely different option would be to have a workshop in the Bay Gallery in Colwyn Bay, on the Tuesday afternoon. This would be just £5 each, maximum of twelve people, and we could be taught one of the following:
- coloured pencils
- pastels
- watercolours
- drawing techniques

I have sent an enquiry re some kind of art class to the other possibility but have not so far heard anything back.

I think if we're going to do one of these, we'll need to book it soon, therefore there needs to be a decision on what we want. Therefore, a poll.

Please tell everyone you can think of who ought to see this poll that it exists and that they should fill it in. And I beg you, don't even think about saying you don't mind what we choose. That is no help at all! Pick preferences.

[Poll #2040999]

If you have no interest in participating in any of these activities, please say so in comments.

If there is only one thing you would want to participate in, please fill in the first choice poll only.
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I'm going to propose a timetable, entirely subject to change, because I think it will be useful to have a starting framework. Do read the other posts first!

ETA: I have changed a few things, based on timing and preferences expressed so far.

evening: Sparkly Lyrics Quiz, concert footage

daytime: Excursion to Penrhyn Castle (grounds open 11am, castle opens noon)
evening: Show 'Em What You're Made Of followed by weeping/joy/discussion

pm: Excursion to Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens
evg: concert footage? film? Footage Of Choice?

Wedding Day!!!
am: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
noon onwards: Nick Carter's Wedding Reality Show
followed by Joey Fatone's Wedding
followed by Lance Bass's Wedding
Wedding Reception Dinner (possibly served before Lance's Wedding so that we can graze while watching)
Cheesy Wedding Disco Party

Excursion Day: Conwy
am: Conwy Castle
pm: Plas Mawr Elizabethan House
nb alternative excursion to Aquarium for those not interested in Conwy
evg: concert footage? film? also possible baking of sparkly gingerbread men, ready to decorate on Wednesday

Excursion: Snowdon railway - I suspect the earliest train may be the best call, but we'll have to see what time we can book, and hope for the best weather-wise
pm: Sparkly gingerbread men cooking and decorating
evg: Footage of Choice

Llandudno, Afternoon Tea
evg Results of Photo Scavenger Hunt
a review of the activities of the marionettes

So. Your thoughts?
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a) I'm sure we will fit in many games of Cards Against Humanity, and I will bring the Dixit/Pixit stuff if there is demand. Also [ profile] ninjetti75's board and role-playing games.

b) Sparkly Dancing Boy Cookies, cooking and decorating. [ profile] stellamira has agreed to take charge of the cooking, as she has a recipe, and after that, anyone who feels like it can participate in the personalisation of the ninjabread cookies.

c) Sparkly Lyrics Quiz, which I think [ profile] bubbleforest was, er, volunteered to run—are you up for that? And [ profile] trumpeterofdoom expressed a willingness to help compile questions.

d) The Bobblehead Adventures! At least, I think [ profile] nopseud is going to bring marionettes. I suggest the small ones might be the most flexible, and if they have their strings, they can be posed 'dancing'. We must simply make sure that the bestringed SDBs accompany us on all excursions. I feel sure they will also be photographed making out in the shower, on the pool table, on the dashboard of the minibus etc.

Dammit. I don't think I have that miniature Lava Lamp any longer. There should be a baleful presence following them about.

e) Photo Scavenger Hunt, [ profile] rikes to organise. This presumably needs a Final Deadline and a judging time to be set towards the end of the week.
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Suggestions for places to visit. I'm going to leave out (most of) the things we visited last time. And please, if you have been looking at possible options in the vicinity and have something to add, do mention it now.

Obvious places to visit are:

Caernarfon Castle (£6.75) open 0930-1700 daily
Edward I era

Conwy Castle (£6.75) open 0930-1700 daily
Edward I era

Penrhyn Castle (grounds open 1100-1700, castle open 1200-1700) (£10.90, or £10.35 in group)
19thC Norman-style castle + grounds.
(Behind the scenes tour of house available 1200-1500 on Sat/Sun)

Plas Mawr (£5.75) open 0930-1700 daily
Elizabethan house in Conwy.

Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens (Anglesey) (£6.50) open 1200-1700 Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs

There is Llanberis , with the Welsh Slate Museum, the Electric Mountain (hydroelectric power station), and the rack-and-pinion railway to the visitor centre at the summit of Mt Snowdon. We had a trip to the Slate Museum and Electric Mountain last year. If anyone wants to do the Snowdon trip, we will need to book tickets in advance and take our chances with the weather.

There is the Blaenau Ffestiniog scenic Railway
with a nearby slate mine at Llechwedd Slate Caverns

and Portmeirion

and the Blue Planet Aquarium (£16.50, but discounts available for online booking)
open daily 1000-1700 (1800 at weekends) with first live show in Aquatheatre at 1130.

There is also Llandudno, where I assume we will probably go for Afternoon Tea again. There are various attractions in Llandudno, so we could probably spend quite a bit of the morning there and have our Tea as a late lunch as we did before.
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One of the main things that came out of our discussions about Camp last time was that we need to figure out a timetable well in advance, so it's time to start thinking about what we're going to do at Camp, and when we are going to do it.

I'm going to put up separate posts about the options over the next couple of days, as comments could get really unwieldy if they are all attached to just one.

Not everybody is going to be there for the full week, and there are various arrival times, so if you're a non-standard participant and really, really want to do something that's tentatively scheduled for a time you won't be at Camp, now is your chance to make a strong case for it to be scheduled more handily.

Posts will be:

1. Outings

2. Footage Schedule and Festivities

3. Other Fannish Stuff

4. A proposed timetable, as a place to start!
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I know we've usually kept ourselves pretty well entertained, but let me know what you think about these ideas!

1. Bobblehead / marionette adventures
Does anyone have sparkly bobbleheads or marionettes (preferably with No Strings Attached) that we could take on a tour of Wales and take pictures of them doing things?
Doesn't even have to be a full set, I think even just two would do nicely. Easier to carry around anyway.

2. Cookie decorating
Once upon a time [ profile] pensnest made a magnificent set of gingerbread boybanders, and Nick's crotch was too hard to eat. Ahem.
Anyway, everybody who wants to could participate in the decorating and eating, but we need somebody to find a suitable recipe (gingerbread or other) and a cutter (boybander-shaped? other?), make sure the ingredients and decorations go on the shopping list, and make the dough.

3. Photo scavenger hunt!
Each team would get a list of things they need to take a picture of/with during the week and the team who manages to do the most wins the game!
I think I'd like to organize this one (unless nobody wants to play), but could probably use some help with coming up with enough fun items. :)

4. Sparkly lyrics quiz!
We do great singalongs on the minibus, but how well do you actually know the lyrics? Could be played in teams or alone.
Whoever organizes this one gets to decide whether to just include BSB and NSYNC songs, or solo albums as well. Example questions: You hit me faster than a ___________ or What song has the word lynx in it? or whatever you want.

[Poll #2001709]
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1. Food. I suggest the following schedule

Monday: Pen (pies, various)

Tuesday: Stellamira (pasta salad with possible meatballs)

Wednesday: Turlough (chicken and veg thingy)

Thursday: Fleur (lentil soup and cake) nb slightly reduced numbers on this date

Friday: FEAST (because everyone will be there!) Pen and nopseud will take charge

Saturday: Chalcopyrite (to maximise usefulness of vegetarianism!)

Sunday: ihearthings_ii for Kringle, saba for cheese soup

However, if you want to negotiate swaps, go ahead! Minions, I'm sure you will distribute yourselves/volunteer appropriately. Chefs, feel free to bellow for a minion at any stage.

2. What to do in Brighton

There is *so* much to do! I have some basic suggestions for a framework...

Royal Pavilion - a group effort, I think, as it's the iconic thing in Brighton. How about we start there on Tuesday morning? If we're also going to do a group visit to the Aquarium, I suggest maybe Wednesday morning for that one.

Camp Sparkle Minigolf Extravaganza sounds like a Wednesday afternoon to me, weather permitting. Possibly nonparticipants can run a book on the event… or video it, to our subsequent shame.

Borde Hill Garden: Chalcopyrite, Turlough and I, and possibly also Beast, will hie ourselves thither at some point. Thursday afternoon?

The Toy Museum - Friday morning?

Nobody seems to have mentioned the Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival at Black Rock, but I certainly intend to give it a look at some point. There are also several city walks, eg Ghost Walk of the Lanes, Brighton Murder and Mayhem tour, for the grisly-minded among us.

There is a *lot* to do, and I think probably the best thing for us is to have a noticeboard up in the house somewhere, or maybe a "what's everyone doing tomorrow" moment during dinner, so that people who want to do something can group up. Can anyone think of a good system for this?

I suggest that we pull out a bit of sparkly stuff in the evenings, when we're all too exhausted to get up and go out. Any suggestions? We do have a modest amount of Timberlake flesh on display in "Friends with Benefits". Anyone else got new stuff?

3. As for Getting There, is everyone sure of what they're doing?

To recap: adelate, stellamira and bettina will be chez Pen on Monday morning. We're planning to have Nopseud collect a couple of you and head down to Brighton in good time to open up the house; Beast and I will go via Stansted that afternoon with the remaining visitor, scoop up Fleur, and get to Brighton as soon as we can.

Rikes and Saba will have to get the bus from Heathrow, sorry about that but it seems like the only viable solution, as your flight lands at about the same time Fleur's does, but there probably isn't a viable bus from Stansted to Brighton.

Everyone else is getting to Brighton on the train: Fadedsouls gets in to Gatwick in the morning, Chalcopyrite at 1430, ihearthings_ii from London - possibly the three of you can co-ordinate and maybe share a taxi from the station to the house?

From the website, it looks as though we should have access from 3.30pm, but I've just emailed the owner to check on details. We have to be out by 10.30am on Monday.
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How many people want to go to the Sea Life Center? If there are ten of us<, I can book group tickets that will make it £9 per ticket. Unfortunately, they'll all need to be for the same day to get the group discount. If you'd like to go, comment and mention any days (other than the days you haven't booked for Camp) that you can't go, and I'll see if it's workable.

As [ profile] adelate has pointed out, we can get tickets for £9.10 for any size multiple booking. So just comment, with days you can't go, and I'll book the tickets! I'm sure I'll be able to juggle to get cheaper tickets for everyone, even if we end up going on a couple of different days.


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