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Hi folks!

It'd be really handy for the sake of my nerves scheduling, to know how you'll be getting to Camp. For those who'll be wanting my transport services as usual, can you please comment with arrival and departure times for your flights (and of course details of which airport you'll be arriving at) - even if you've told me already, put the details here so I have everything in one place.

If you're coming in to Birmingham or East Midlands, it'll be useful to have that information here as well; and, if you're planning on driving yourself or coming by train, please comment with those details too! (It'd be handy, probably, if one or two other people are coming by car—definitely useful to know.)

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A quick note for those of you who'll be coming in to Heathrow for Camp Sparkle: I'll be doing the usual Stansted run on the Friday, so if humanly possible, please arrive on Thursday instead and come and spend the night chez Pen. We'll go straight on to Camp after the Stansted pick-up.

[ profile] nopseud says: If anyone is travelling via Birmingham or East Midlands, then they're very welcome to stay with me either side of Camp Sparkle, if it helps with getting better/cheaper flights. I have plenty of bed space.


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