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Right, we have the bedroom listing, so now's the time for you to group into suitable bunches and let me know who wants to share with whom.

[ profile] nopseud and I have already sorted our preferences, being as how we want doubles to share with our menfolk.

For the rest of you, it looks as though everyone can have a single bed. Caveat: there may in practice be limits on this, so it could be that some of you will have to share a double. Anyway, I'll put down the room sizes, so sort yourselves out as to whom you want to share with, and comment, asap!

Ground floor:
Bedroom 1 Three people
Bedroom 2 Three people

First floor:

Bedrooms 3 and 4 allocated to Nopseud and to Pensnest
Bedroom 5: Four people

Top floor:

Bedroom 6: Three people
Bedroom 7: Two people (bunk beds)

Some of the rooms have ensuites of some kind, but you'll just have to wait and see what you get!

ETA Wow, that was fast! Okay, what I think we have is as follows:

Ground floor:
Bedroom 1 Sperrywink, Turlough, Fadedsouls (hope this is okay with you!)
Bedroom 2 Bettina, Mira, Fleur

First floor:

Bedrooms 3: Nopseud + Archiegremlin
Bedroom 4: Pensnest + Beast
Bedroom 5: Ninjetti, Chalcopyrite, Titch, Trumpeterofdoom

Top floor:

Bedroom 6: CJ, Adelate, Bubbleforest
Bedroom 7: Saba, Rikes
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Camp Sparkle signups are going swimmingly. We have 13 registrations so far, which means there are just six places left (although we may be able to do a little juggling of beds to fit in someone who only wanted to stay for the weekend). Also, there are only three NKOTBSB tickets left unclaimed.

Everyone who is signed up so far should be able to see themselves on the locked registration post here. If your name isn't there, then I don't have your registration -- if you think I ought to have it, get in touch.

If you haven't signed up yet, and especially if you haven't signed up and you want an NKOTBSB ticket, then please ask for/return your registration form ASAP.
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Camp Sparkle 2012 registrations are now open! (Squee!)

To remind everyone, Camp Sparkle this year runs from Friday 27th April to Friday 4th May, and will be held at The 1908 House Wing One, in Gosport, Hampshire, UK.

Exact prices for accommodation will depend on the number of people attending, but it will be around 130-140 UKP per person for the whole week, depending on how many people attend. Shorter stays will be priced up proportionately. Food will be extra (~40 UKP for the whole week), and we'll once again be organizing transport to and from airports, which will cost ~20 UKP.

In addition, this year the Boys have thoughtfully considered us with their scheduling, and we have a few tickets available for a sparkly concert trip to the NKOTBSB show at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday 28th April (O2 seating plan). These tickets are either 50 UKP (Section E2 Row L) or 60 UKP (Section 111, Row H or Section 110, Row E). I'm sorry they aren't front row seats, but the BSB fanclub sucks and it took me a solid two hours of refreshing the page to get us anything at all :-(

We won't be taking deposits, as that's worked out okay previously. You'll need to pay the full amount about a month before Camp Sparkle.

Please don't sign up unless you're 100% sure you're coming, and conversely, if you are 100% sure you're coming, please sign up as soon as you can. The house can hold up to 19. If more people than that want to register, then places will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis (as will the NKOTBSB tickets).

Send an e-mail to and I'll send you a registration form.
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Right! I have News.

[ profile] nopseud and I have had swift and to the point email discussions following [ profile] trumpeterofdoom's post about the NKOTBSB tour, and conclude the following.

Camp Sparkle at the 1908 Lodge in Portsmouth should take place on 27th April - 4th May 2012. (It is slightly cheaper than we expected so the cost per person for accommodation only will be £127.)

There should be a Field Trip to the O2 Arena on Saturday 28th April to see NKOTBSB in concert.

All in favour?

We will deal with official sign-ups for Camp when [ profile] nopseud has a bit more time available, but can you please comment to this post with a more-or-less confirmatory YES, I WILL BE THERE (or a woe-filled negative), so that we have some assurance that we won't have an empty house.

However, if you want tickets for the O2 concert, they go on sale on 27th of this month, so we need to get ourselves co-ordinated to buy tickets—assuming we'd like to go in groups rather than individually, which I reckon is more fun. My understanding is that fanclub members can buy up to six tickets. So please comment to say if (a) you want to go to the concert on the 28th, and (b) if you are willing to buy a bunch of tickets for other people.

(Incidentally, it seems we can park a minibus all day at the O2 for a prearranged parking fee of not too much, so I propose that we go up to London in the morning and spend the day doing… whatever people want to do in London. Anyone who is doing the Meet & Greet thing will therefore be handily located, and the rest of us can visit Greenwich Observatory, or the Globe Theatre, or go shopping, or whatever. I'll have to figure out the fuel costs for the trip, but it should be much better value than going by train or limousine. Unless you would all prefer to travel by limo, in which case I will obtain quotes!)
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We don't hang about around here :-)

For those of you who don't know, the owners of the house at Alfreton won't be letting it out next year. Pen and I have already started searching for an alternative venue.

Prices in general for holiday rentals have risen steeply since we started Camp Sparkle, and we have been very, very lucky in being able to use Beech Hill House for the last two years. For reference, The Old Stables in Lyndhurst now charges £3900 for a week in May, while Beech Hill House this year was £1250.

Unless we strike equally lucky again, we're unlikely to find somewhere else with such amazing facilities for such a low price. (And I promise, we will keep looking!) Without that luck, though, one of two things will have to happen -- the price for accommodation will have to go up, or the quality of the house will have to go down and we'll probably need to move back to a February/March date.

We won't be going back to Ebenezar Chapel, but if we keep the price even close to what it was last time (which worked out at £75 per person for 7 nights), then we're looking at somewhere much more plainly furnished, without a hot tub, and probably without the same quality of TV, kitchen, beds etc -- think more 'old fashioned guest house' than 'chic modern home'. On the other hand, the higher the price bracket Pen and I can look at, the more options we have when it comes to finding houses, and it also means that we can book months when the weather is likely to be better.

So a (locked) poll. I know it goes up a long way, but we wanted to get as clear an idea as possible of our options.

[Poll #1747746]

Another thing that determines price is the number of people who can make it. If we book a house that's too big, then we waste money on bedspace we don't use. On the other hand, if we go for a smaller house, then we might fill up and leave some people unable to come. However, considering houses that take 16 or 18 max would increase our options quite a lot. So, even though it's a long way in advance, we'd like to do some polls on when people would be able to come.

The first poll is for months in 2012 when you COULD come to Camp Sparkle. The second poll is for when you would PREFER Camp Sparkle to take place. October is missing because Pen can't make that month, and we ruled out December and January for weather, finances and people being busy. We've included July and August, but there is a significant price hike for properties during those months, because the UK schools have the main summer holidays then.

Please only fill in the poll if you definitely intend to come to Camp in 2012, barring Acts of God, unexpected unemployment etc. There's also a write-in option for specific dates you definitely can't make it.

[Poll #1747747]

Finally, we'd really like to hear your thoughts in more detail on the type of accommodation that you'd be happy with for Camp. For example: Is it important that there's one living room that seats everyone? Do you think we all need to be able to sit down to eat together? Would it be acceptable to have some sofabeds as well as real beds? Would you be happy without a shop in walking distance and having a schedule for shopping trips? Should we have a large flatscreen TV, or was the projector okay? What about hot tubs? What about having a swimming pool, or wireless broadband in the house? What's the minimum standard, what amenities do you really need to have a good holiday, what you can't live without and what you don't care about, etc, etc.

Comment away on anything and everything! (Or e-mail Pen and me if you'd rather.)


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