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We're currently calculating the travel costs for the round trip from Stansted, so we can let everyone know in advance how much it will be per head.

Now, a paranoid double check. Below is the list of people who answered this poll re: transport from Stansted on Friday. If you want/need to be collected from Stansted, and your name isn't here, please comment to let me know when you're arriving -- I really don't want us to leave anyone behind!

[ profile] rikes -- 12:15
[ profile] bubbleforest -- 11.20am
[ profile] stellamira -- 7:25 am
[ profile] saffronra -- not before 11am really
[ profile] interlock -- from London - coaches run 24/7
[ profile] iconis -- 12:15pm
[ profile] adelate -- 12:15 p.m.
[ profile] cardalia -- 12:15
[ profile] saba1789 -- 10:25am
[ profile] ihearthings_ii -- 11:20 am

[ profile] seiyaharris
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My brother communicated with me a couple of days ago, and, it turns out, is actually quite keen to do a bit of chauffeuring of ladies from Stansted to Ludlow and back again. It looks as though he's planning on hiring a car anyway, and will be going on to North Wales, and would find it very handy to have passengers to share the cost a bit, even if it does mean a bit of a detour.

So, would those of you who could drive a hire car actually prefer to go with this option? It'll still mean [ profile] nopseud and [ profile] archie_gremlin would be driving across to collect some of you, but it would save the right-hand-drivers from having to left-hand-drive. If you'd like to do this, can I suggest that as a starting point for costs, we figure out what the cost for a smallish hire car would have been, and use that as a basis for Mike's payment? I assume that gets added into the petrol costs for [ profile] nopseud and her man, and divided equally among those getting a lift, yes?
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By my reckoning, there are still a couple of people who haven't filled out the transport poll yet, but I think I have enough info to assess the plan. This is what we're considering at the moment:

On Friday, my Other Half and I will drive down to Stansted, and collect people flying in + the Londoners. If we hire one other 5-seater car as well as our two, that should give us enough space for everyone, provided we're all sensible with luggage :-)

On Sunday, the Other Half will drive home via Stansted, dropping off the people who need to go back on Sunday. This will be better for him anyway, because it means he only takes one day off work.

On Monday, the remaining two cars will go back to Stansted to deliver people to their flights and trains.

The cost will be the hire car, plus we'd appreciate a contribution towards our petrol -- we can work out how best to split it all between us later, assuming people think the basic plan is okay. I also think it would be good if there could be two drivers for the hire car, just in case of emergencies.

So, how does this sound to everyone? Does anyone have any objections, or suggestions to improve the plan?
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We're working on a plan to provide transport from Stansted to Camp Sparkle on Friday, and then back to Stansted on both Sunday and Monday. To make sure it's feasible, I need a clear idea of exactly when everyone is arriving at Stansted, and when they need to be back there.

Please fill this in if either:

1. You are coming from abroad and arriving/departing via Stansted.
2. You are one of the London contingent and would like to make your way to Stansted and get a lift to Camp Sparkle from there, (and possibly a lift back).

[Poll #903674]


Jan. 8th, 2007 08:58 pm
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Attention Stansted people: I think I have found you a minibus driver.

I'm going to check on details to make sure he's suitably licensed for the vehicle in question, etc, but it sounds promising.


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