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Okay, folks, I think I have figured this out, but PLEASE check to make sure I haven't missed you out of my calculations!

Saba and Sperrywink are arriving at Heathrow and Gatwick respectively on Friday morning.

Fleur, Bettina, Chalcopyrite and Bubbleforest arrive at Stansted during Friday.

Ninjetti, Turlough and Fadedsouls arrive on Thursday and spend the night chez Pen. (Turlough, if you end up visiting family instead, I'll assume you can make your way to Stansted to join the pick-up list there.)

I propose that my Beast does the Heathrow and Gatwick pick-ups and takes Saba and Sperrywink along to Camp. (He can also take the shepherd's pies, so that they can be heating up before my minibusload arrives!)

I will have my three housemates, and we'll get along to Stansted in the late afternoon to collect Fleur, Bettina, Chalcopyrite and Bubbleforest. I'm afraid that means some of you—especially Bubbleforest—will have to hang around at the airport for a while, but unless I can think of a handy, fun thing to do in the vicinity of Stansted, there isn't much option.

Now, as to the day in London/Concert:

Beast, Stellamira and Fleur want to go into London but are not going to see NKOTBSB.

Pen, Saba, Titch, Ninjetti, Nopseud, Bettina, Rikes, Bubbleforest, Fadedsouls, Trumpeterofdoom and Chalcopyrite all want to get back to Portsmouth from the concert. If I can hire a 12-seater minibus, it'll be a bit less intimidating for me to drive through London, and will accommodate us all with a seat to spare for the luggage.

I suggest that I drive in the minibus all of us from Camp who want to spend the day in London, and then the three of you who are not going to the concert make your own arrangements for getting back down to Gosport. Is that going to work for you guys? If so, it may be pleasanter for you to return together, and (if necessary) share a taxi from the station. If you're okay with this, it may well be more economical to book your train tickets in advance (or for Beast to do so), so let me know what sort of time you would like to leave town.

We'll be staying in an area we haven't explored before, and Nopseud has looked at possible outings, which seem to be things we can do pretty locally. However, if we do want to jaunt off a bit further afield, we'll have 12 seats in the minibus, plus our car, plus (I assume) Nopseud's car, so there shouldn't be a problem getting everyone to wherever.


ETA: ahahahahahahahaha. Hah.

Okay, then.

A revised plan sees me and my overnighters (Adelate, Ninjetti, Turlough and Fadedsouls) heading to Heathrow on Friday morning to fetch Saba, and thence on to Gatwick for Sperrywink, Mette and CJ. We'll go to Camp and set up housekeeping. Beast will drive the car to Stansted for Chalcopyrite, Fleur and Bettina, who're all arriving sometime during the afternoon.

As for Saturday, we're now looking at Beast driving into London and planning to drive himself back at the end of the tourist day with CJ, Adelate, Fleur and Mira. Bit of a squeeze but some of you are Quite Small and can snuggle into the back seat together. It's possible Beast won't drive to Greenwich but will park in Shepherd's Bush instead, at the mega shopping centre (which Rikes may remember from our Glambert experience), which will make it easier for his morning passengers to get into the city centre. Note that he probably won't want to be too late leaving town, so anyone wanting to stay late can either beg a place on the minibus or arrange to get the train back to Portsmouth/Gosport.

And I will drive everyone else to park at the O2 in the minibus, and drive the following people back after the concert: me, Saba, Titch, Josh, Nopseud, Bettina, Rikes, Mette, Fadedsouls, Chalcopyrite.

NB: If any of the non-concert day trippers wants to spend a late evening in London, we can accommodate up to two more on the minibus home trip IF I have the numbers right (and assuming the luggage can be arranged around us)! Also, if anyone particularly wants to be in the middle of London early on, you can fight for the available spaces in the car. But there are touristy things to do in the Greenwich area, eg Greenwich Observatory, and things on the eastmost side of the city centre, like the Tower, which won't take *too* much time by Tube.



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