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Originally, [ profile] nopseud and I thought that there'd only be a handful of us staying in the cottage for Sunday night. We had in mind that the half-dozen of us would make our way down to the nearby pub for our meal on Sunday evening, rather than cook in the cottage.

However, it seems there'll actually be quite a few of us (yay!), so we thought we'd give you the chance to decide whether we go to the pub or eat in.

I suggest that perhaps a bit of discussion of the pros and cons might be best before filling in the poll. For instance, in a public environment our conversation might not be quite as, er, slashy as it can be if we're in our own space. On the other hand, there'll be a greater choice of menu at the pub, and the cottage rep says the portions are very generous.


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Feb. 19th, 2007 10:00 pm
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We've budgeted (for certain perhaps rather loose values of the word 'budget') for some general snacks to be provided, very probably Pringles or something similar, plus fruit and biscuits. These will be available all day, so anyone who feels peckish can satisfy the cravings. However, if any of you feels like donating some goodies towards the general snacks, that would be most welcome - UK dwellers might be able to bake, for instance, though that wouldn't be very practical if you're coming from overseas. Or you might have a favourite snack food and feel inclined to share. There's *no* requirement for anyone to do this, but it might be fun and would surely be appreciated.

There's a coffee maker and an urn, so tea and coffee will be freely available at all times (we may have to appoint an Urn monitor and a Coffee Pot monitor!), and probably the soft drinks too.

Note: please bring your own mug! There will of course be cups available in the cottage kitchen, but we'll probably be drinking all the time, and frankly, I don't fancy chasing around the place for forgotten cups - so bring your own mug and use that, then everyone will be responsible for washing up her/his own, and there won't be any confusion about whose drink is whose. :-)
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A little investigation into the matter of beverages.

Firstly, alcoholic drinks will not be provided as part of the package. It's too complicated and too expensive. That doesn't mean Camp Sparkle is to be alcohol-free, no indeed, but if you think you'll want wine, beer, spirits or whatever, bring your own, and decide for yourself if you wish to share. Those of you flying in, or travelling by train, may want to make Arrangements with someone else to transport the necessary - I'm sure that can be sorted out privately.

(I shall probably bring a demijohn of white wine, which was given to me by my Pa some time ago, but there are no guarantees offered as to whether or not it is an agreeable drink. I have not broached it at all.)

What we will provide are hot drinks and soft drinks. So here are a couple of polls, to enable the shopping (I hope).
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A quick check to see what sort of food we'll need to be providing for you all. (21 signups! Yay!)

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