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There's just over a month to go, so I'm going to be calculating final payments by the middle of the week. I need to know how many people will be there and for how long, as this year accommodation is costed on a per-night basis.

If you are definitely attending Camp Sparkle, but you haven't sent me a sign-up form yet, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST, letting me know how many nights you'll be staying.

If you've sent in a form, but you've changed your mind about how many nights you're staying, please comment to let me know the new number. (You can now check on the sign up post what you said on the form.) If you can't access that post, then I haven't had a sign-up form from you and I won't be including you in the sums.
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We'll be in the reasonably-close vicinity of Chatsworth, home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, and very beautiful (see here for details), and of Alton Towers Theme Park (see here).

I suggest that we do Chatsworth on the Tuesday and Alton Towers on the Wednesday. If we have groups of sufficient size we can get a group rate on tickets, which seems worth doing. For Chatsworth we need 15, which we may not be able to manage; for Alton Towers, just 10.

Have a look at the websites, and comment if you would like to go.

I propose that we potter about locally on the Monday (and possibly eat at the terrific and perfectly traditional pub we discovered on our Exploratory Visit last year), and we can have a look when we get to the Chapel and discuss other possibilities for tourism on the Thursday.
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[ profile] nopseud and I thought it would be rather nice to enjoy a more varied diet during Camp Sparkle: the Ecclesiastical Remix, than hitherto, so...

Who's going to cook? We'll happily take responsibility for the weekend, but it would be nice to try out some Other Foods during the remainder of the week. Like, maybe the Finnish Contingent would like to produce something one evening, for example? We can figure out what ingredients are not likely to be available locally in time for you to pack whatever might be necessary... It doesn't have to be an example of Your National Cuisine, of course, anyone is welcome to produce, oh, spaghetti with red sauce or whatever you feel up to cooking in quantity.

Any volunteers?
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I'd like to do a quick check on who can eat what, so please comment if you have any dietary requirements that are more complicated than "Feed me", ie if you're vegetarian, or prohibited from eating anything in particular, or have evil allergies, or a pathological* hatred of certain foods.

* Your definition may vary. I myself will not eat grapefruit, but I don't consider that pathological, simply sensible. Disgusting things, grapefruit.
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I would like to make a proposal regarding footage.

How about this: ten of us pick a favourite sparkly boy, and create a selection of footage that shows him off to best advantage. Say, ten minutes' worth? Save it to DVD or a portable storage device and bring it along.

So, what do you think? Who's willing to have a go?
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Hi guys,

I'm posting this to urge you, if you are intending to come to Camp Sparkle, to register as soon as possible. Thing is, I have to pay £800 to make certain of our booking, and I have to do it *this week*. It'd be a great relief to know that we're definitely going ahead.

The post with registration details is here, and we aren't asking for any advance money, but let's face it, if there are only a dozen of us we don't need to rent a cottage. Or at least, not one with a pulpit!

So please, if you're coming, let us know.
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Mette's entry reminded me that I completely forgot to post here about the Camp Sparkle icons I made last weekend.


Shortcut to the icons...
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I keep forgetting to do this! /o\ For those of you who use this icon, I've updated it with this year's dates for Camp Sparkle.

Enjoy! ♥
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Oh, and further to the transport issue, if anyone wants to arrive early or leave late, I have bedspace and you're welcome to stay chez Pen. I'll make sure you get to the airport on time.
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It's time for that post again, where I ask you - what would you like as 'formal' discussion topics during Camp Sparkle? I think our discussions last time went really well, and I'm hoping [ profile] turloughishere or someone equally capable will moderate as before. But we'll need some topics!

Suggestions, please! (And do feel free to add approval to any suggestions someone else has made.)
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I didn't get the e-mail from at least one person who wanted a registration form. If you asked for a form, and I didn't send one to you, could you drop me another e-mail, and also leave a comment here? Thanks.
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I'm more than happy to do the minibus run again, with a Stansted pickup at around lunchtime on the Friday. IE if you are flying in to Stansted, you'll ideally arrive sometime during the morning on Friday! (Offer also open to London-dwellers who can get to Stansted in time.)

If anyone happens to be able to fly in to Luton, it'd be best if I could pick you up and then travel onward to Stansted, so an early/mid-morning arrival is best. Or arrive a day or two early, that's also fine.

Heathrow, however, is just not going to work, because of the geography. I don't think I can deal with driving the minibus for an hour to Stansted, a couple of hours back to Heathrow, and then another three or four hours northwards to Derbyshire. So, if you are arriving at Heathrow (or Gatwick), you'll need to

a) arrive early - I'll collect you on Thursday (or earlier), quite happily, and there will be beds available chez Pen, or else go into London and come up to Stansted by bus/train on Friday;

b) get yourself on a bus to Hemel Hempstead or to Stansted (both are possible, from the Heathrow bus station, but I have not investigated the timetable);

c) get yourself to the vicinity of Camp Sparkle by bus and/or train.

Anyone who is able to fly in to East Midlands airport or to Birmingham airport (may be a possibility for flights from the USA) will need to arrange collection details with [ profile] nopseud. If you are only staying for the weekend, not the full week, it'd be *ideal* to fly in to East Midlands, because we can be sure to get you back there easily for your return trip.

As for the return trip at the end of the week, ideally you'll be departing from Stansted fairly late in the afternoon on the final Friday. There is an airport shuttle service that connects Stansted and Heathrow, so anyone with an evening flight from Heathrow can use that. Or, overnight at my place and have a lift to Heathrow on Saturday or Sunday. (Or, you might make arrangements to visit other London-dwellers for that weekend, in which case you can get a train or bus into town from Stansted.)

Obviously the details will have to be worked out when you know what flights you can get and where you'll arrive, but I wanted to let everyone know what's likely to work, and this should give you a place to start planning.
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The time has come for Camp Sparkle registrations to begin!

To remind everyone, Camp Sparkle this year runs from 8th - 15th May, and will be held at Ebenezer Chapel, in Milford, Derbyshire, UK.

Exact prices will depend on the number of people attending, but it will be approximately 70 UKP per person for the whole week. Shorter stays will be priced up proportionately. Food will be extra (~20 UKP).

This year we're doing registration slightly differently. In order to make things more convenient for everyone, we won't be requiring deposits to book for Camp Sparkle. Instead, we'll be asking for the whole amount from people a month or so before the event takes place. This will save us all paypal fees, postage, etc.

This of course means that we're trusting people only to register if they're serious about attending. Please, don't sign up unless you are 100% sure you're coming. The maximum the cottage can hold is 22. (We might be able to sneak a couple more people than that in on blow-up mattresses.) If more people than that want to register, then places will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

Send an e-mail to and I'll send you a registration form.
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I realize I'm maybe jumping the gun a little here but! I am looking at flights and I'm just wondering when everyone else is going to be flying.

I could get a ridiculously cheap flight if I flew in Wednesday night already, randomly. In case [ profile] iconis and/or [ profile] rikes can swing it (I don't know if you're working, though, or have school or whatever), going out it's like 25 € with taxes/fees and coming in late on Friday (we're leaving Friday the 15th, wasn't that right?) is 35 € with taxes/fees.

Would anyone in/near London want me for that time before CS? I have never actually been in London before and this would be a great time to do that.
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Well, 'tis done. We're going to go for May, specifically, the week starting on Friday 8th. I think the four of us who went scouting were so charmed by the all-round green lushness of everywhere that we want you all to be able to share it. Yes, it's going to be a strain, waiting an extra two months (woe!), but it will be *pretty*!!

So! See you next May, right?
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Pen and I have been considering Camp Sparkle 2009 dates again.

Currently, we have Ebenezar Chapel booked from the 20th-27th March. However, because the countryside in the Peaks is particularly pretty, and the house is very reasonably priced, we're wondering whether people would prefer a move to a slightly later date, in late April, May or June. This will mean leaves on the trees, and an improved chance of nice weather for things like a trip to Chatsworth or Alton Towers.

It will mean a slight increase in the rental price, but so long as we avoid the school holidays, even in May/June the cottage is still only £1200 for a week. This would work out to roughly £55-60 per person for accomodation.

So, with that in mind, it would be helpful if people could fill in a poll:
[Poll #1193912]
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Hi All!

[ profile] nopseud and I are assuming that some of you will want to come to Camp Sparkle next year, so have been doing a bit of investigating.

We could, of course, go back to The Old Stables, which was a pretty good venue. There are more tourist opportunities in the area, too, if some of you would like to make it a week-long event, as it was this year. Or, we could go somewhere new. We've found a nice-looking place called Ebenezer Chapel, in the middle of England (near Derby), which also happens to be rather good value.

As an additional factor for consideration, I'm not going to be available at the end-Feb/early-March time when we've run our previous two CSs. And I do pretty much need to be available, or who will drive the minibus?

So, we could look at the week commencing March 23rd, or the week commencing March 30th, and, if there are twenty of us, pay somewhat under £50 each for the cottage hire part of the deal. (Possibly the first week of April also fits into this pricing.) Or, because this is a very good value venue, we could go for Easter Week, which I believe means starting on Good Friday, 10th April, and pay a little under £70 each for the rent. (The Old Stables was £87 each for the week.) Travel might be a bit more expensive at that time, or at least, you'd need to book flights/trains earlier in order to get good deals, but it might be more convenient in terms of holiday time.

Therefore, I poll.

[Poll #1177969]

Let's get things started.


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