Apr. 20th, 2012 05:05 pm
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Camp is going to be an unusual shape this year, what with most of us going into London for the first full day. I've been having a look at a possible timetable for outings and notable events, and I'm thinking, how about this:

Friday: Arrivals Evening footage - ? Classic pop stuff? New pop stuff? Films? Requests, please!

Saturday: TRIP to London, including concert

Sunday: POP DAY including at least one discussion session.
I have a topic to propose: differences between 'classic' popslash stories and more recent ones. How do you tell what era it's from, and why is that? However, if any of you have more possible discussions to propose, please comment with them. Also, footage requests.

Monday: TRIP This seems like a good day for going into Portsmouth to explore. An outing, but minibus not needed as we are better off walking and getting the ferry on foot.

Tuesday: Sparkly Day. If the weather is unkind to us on Monday, we can do the Portsmouth thing on Tuesday instead. More discussions? Footage requests? Creation and decoration of sparkly dancing cookies? (I am happy to bring cookie cutters and sprinkles if required.)

Wednesday: MODERATELY SPARKLY DINNER tonight, so bring something shiny to wear. There may well be an auxiliary outing to the Bovington Tank Museum on this day for those of you who want to beg a place in the car.

Thursday: Visit to a stately home, something we've been doing during every Camp for a while now. I have two suggestions:
(a) Beaulieu, currently advertising from Cistercian monks to Formula One racing cars. National Motor Museum, World of Top Gear, James Bond exhibition, Palace House and Victorian Flower Gardens. Beaulieu is a big place.
(b) somewhat smaller scale, Breamore House and Countryside Museum (paintings, needlework and porcelain, museum with replica of blacksmith's shop, dairy, brewery, saddler's, steam powered farm machinery), with the option of also visiting the Rockbourne Roman Villa which is in the same area

Preferences? I think we can talk this one out in comments and see if a vote looks necessary.


We will need to do our usual thing with regard to cooking dinners, but of course that is complicated somewhat by the Saturday outing. We'll do a shopping trip on Friday afternoon to get breakfast and basics in, and there'll probably be leftover shepherd's pie/fish pie if the stay-at-homes are okay with that for Saturday. Whoever signs up to cater Sunday's dinner had better be ready with a list of requirements!

Sign up in comments, please, and I'll fill in.

Friday: Pen (usual pies, unless there is a revolution)

Saturday: fend for ourselves

Sunday: Chief Chef: Chalcopyrite



Wednesday's Moderately Sparkly Dinner: Pen (Kitchen minions willing to talk about Adam Lambert and/or Lance Bass will be particularly appreciated!)

Thursday: probably no cook needed, we can eat Wednesday's leftovers/pizza/fish & chips etc

Finally (hah!), I know we have Chalcopyrite who's a vegetarian, Turlough who needs to be gluten-free, and Trumpeterofdoom who does not eat beef. Any other needs to be accommodated?

ETA Does anyone have an allergy to almonds? See Turlough's comment below.


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