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If you have any special dietary requirements or strong dislikes, please leave them in a comment to this post, so that the chefs can find them easily.
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After the success of last year's cooking arrangements, we've decided to do the same this year. Pen (tasty pies) and I (spicy chorizo rice) will be cooking on Friday and Saturday nights, so we need people to sign up to cook evening meals on Sunday - Thursday. Anyone who doesn't feel like being head chef can sign themselves up as a minion.

For those of you who will be planning meals, there is an extremely large Tescos supermarket about 5 minutes walk from the house, which will make buying food a lot easier than last time.

I've signed up for a Tescos account, the log in details of which I've put on the sign-up post. If you log in to the Tescos page, you'll be able to get details of everything they sell, and put together a basket to check the pricing. Nearer the time, it should also show any special offers they have running. Please DON'T actually use that account to buy anything, though!

We will be bringing the food money along in cash, to make it easier for people to go out and buy their supplies. The budget for dinner is £3 per head, with slightly different numbers of people at the cottage depending on the day.
Sun, Mon: 18
Tues, Wed, Thurs: 17

Although we haven't made final plans, yet, it seems likely that trips out of the house will be organized for Monday and Wednesday. If you're signing up for cooking duty on those days, please plan your menus accordingly.

[ profile] ninjetti75, you can find a pretty comprehensive set of conversion tables for American to metric measurements here. (Go down to the bottom for the American tables).

ETA: Current volunteer chefs:
[ profile] ihearthings_ii & [ profile] bubbleforest - something Danish. (also baking kringle)
[ profile] trumpeterodoom - Japanese curry.
[ profile] chacopyrite - pasta and red sauce.
[ profile] ninjetti75 - Cajun beef.

Current volunteer minions:
[ profile] iconis
[ profile] adelate (also baking muffins)
[ profile] _titch
[ profile] rikes
[ profile] valya22 (also baking cake)
[ profile] saba1789
[ profile] fadedsouls
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