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A quick reminder - we'll be paying for Camp Sparkle on Monday. So, if you haven't sent in your registration form, get moving! In fact, if you've been dithering about whether to come, and have only just made up your mind to it, please let [ profile] nopseud know, so that she has a complete master list of who's intending to participate.

At this stage, if you're not certain you'll be staying for the week, just book the weekend - but if you are certain, again, please make sure [ profile] nopseud has your details confirmed. (I don't suppose they'll mind taking more money if people want to stay extra time, but I shouldn't think they'd be keen to take less.)

Also, Yay!
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In two weeks' time, we have to give the final numbers for Camp Sparkle to the cottage owners and pay for the cottage hire.

If you don't have access to this locked post, then I haven't yet received a registration form and/or deposit from you, and you are NOT currently confirmed as attending Camp Sparkle. I'm pretty sure this includes some people who definitely ARE coming.

If you're not on that post, and you're still planning on attending, then please let me know and send me a registration form as soon as you can. It doesn't matter if you can't get the deposit to me right away -- we need the registration forms so we can inform the cottage owners how many people are coming and how many nights they are staying.

NB: My mail is currently not functioning. Please send any e-mail to My mail seems to be fixed! {fingers crossed}

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If you enjoyed yourself at Camp Sparkle 2007 and you want to do it all again, or you missed all the cracktastic, sparkly, hot-tubbing fun then and you don't want to miss it this year, now's the time to act! One-time-only, opportunity of a lifetime! Don't miss your chance! This is POP! Sign ups for Camp Sparkle 2008 are open!

Camp Sparkle 2008

Date: Friday February 29th to Friday March 7th 2008.
Place: The Old Stables at Lyndhurst in the New Forest.
Cost for accommodation:
- Staying Fri/Sat/Sun nights PLUS any of the following nights up to the full week will cost 87 UKP.
- Staying Fri/Sat/Sun nights ONLY will cost 74 UKP.
- Staying Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs nights ONLY will cost 56 UKP.
Cost for food: 20 UKP (covers food for Fri-Sun only).
Registration deposit: 40 UKP.

ETA:The exact dates you'll be staying for can be changed later if necessary. We're asking for dates now so that we can assess a) how many people fall into which of the price bands, b) when minibus trips are likely to be needed, and c) catering needs. Please, book early and change, rather than delay.

How to register

- Send an e-mail to (which is where all e-mail about the con should go).

- I'll then e-mail you a registration form, plus various options for how to get the deposit money to me.

- Once your registration has arrived, I'll add your name to the table on this filtered post, and put you on the filter for it. When your deposit has been paid into the Camp Sparkle account, I'll note that on the table, and likewise when the final payment happens closer to February. So you'll be able to check at a glance that you're registered, and whether or not your money has made it here safely.

The cottage we're renting will sleep up to 28 people. At the moment we aren't expecting more people than we can accommodate, but if that happens, then registrations will be made on a first-come first-served basis.


a) Up to the 29th January 2008, registrations can be cancelled without penalty and the deposit will be returned.
b) After the 29th January 2008, cancelled registrations will lose the deposit.
c) Very late cancellations, after the 22nd February 2008, will lose the whole payment.

Exception to b) and c) -- if the con is fully booked, and there are people waiting for places, then provided that a replacement can be found for you, your payment(s) will be refunded.


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