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Okay, this gets more complicated every year!

I think what we're doing is as follows. Please check that I have got your details correct, and let me know if there's anything wrong.


Rikes and Iconis from Stansted on Wednesday afternoon - flight lands at?

Ninjetti from Heathrow on Thursday morning - flight lands 11.15am

Fadedsouls will be landing at Gatwick and getting the train to St Albans. As I'll be at Heathrow, you'll then have to get the bus from the railway station, and Rikes and Iconis can lurk at the bus stop so that you know when to get off.

Turlough from Stansted on Thursday evening - flight lands at? (nb it's quite possible that my Beast will have to do this pickup as I have a rehearsal that evening)

Friday morning,

Rikes, Iconis, Ninjetti, Fadedsouls, Turlough and I will set off in the minibus.

We collect Chalcopyrite from Stansted - flight lands at?

We go off to Cambridge to punt along the backs and have something to eat, and then proceed to Alfreton, probably in time to have allowed Nopseud and Trumpeterofdoom to do the shopping already, but if the weather is too unpleasant to make punting fun, probably not.

Beast then collects Fleurrochard (lands 1520) and Bettina (lands 1745) from Stansted at approx 1800. I will lend him my tiara so that you will recognise him as your driver, but in case he chickens out of wearing it, we'll make sure he has a Camp Sparkle sign. Car proceeds to Alfreton in time for supper.

Stellamira and Saba, Nopseud and Turps, Titch, Trumpeterofdoom and Ephemera are making arrangements to get there which do not involve the minibus or Beast. Correct?

On the way home:

Minibus needs to leave Beech Hill House at 0930, takes Bettina, Saba and Chalcopyrite to Stansted.

Fadedsouls, Turlough, Iconis, Rikes and Fleurrochard come back to my Nest.

Fadedsouls gets a lift to St Albans railway station sometime that afternoon for the train to Gatwick.

Car takes Ninjetti to Heathrow.

Not sure whether Trumpeterofdoom will go in the car and spend the afternoon wandering around Heathrow, or in the minibus back to my house with a lift to Heathrow at about (?) 6pm. The former is less driving for me, the latter is more fun for Trumpeterofdoom!

On Saturday, the car (probably driven by Beast, who is good in the mornings) takes Turlough, Rikes and Iconis to Stansted at an ungodly hour.

Car driven at a more reasonable hour by me takes Fleurrochard to Stansted. Or we may be very cruel and require her to get up for the early trip.

Have I got everyone covered who needs to be?


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