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Mar. 22nd, 2007 02:07 am
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Hey, all.

My review of the weekend's festivities is _here_.

Now, Ima faceplant some more. I am SO much more jetlagged now than I was flying west to east. And I work second shift, WTF is with that?
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My (incredibly long) recap of the weekend is over here! I hope it won't cause too much of a tl;dr syndrome.
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Hi guys! My recap of the weekend is here. I'll definitely read everyone else's tomorrow, but right now I'm seriously too tired.

Glad to see everyone got home safe, though! Miss everyone something fierce! :(
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My recap of the weekend is here. I might not make any sense. At least it's authentic then, hm? [g]

[smooches you all very thoroughly]

My Report

Mar. 20th, 2007 05:28 pm
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I've just put up my report on the weekend, here, in case you haven't seen it. No doubt there's a lot left out - I'm looking forward to seeing all your impressions of the weekend, so do link here just to make sure!


Mar. 20th, 2007 04:58 pm
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If anybody wants to see the pictures that I took at Camp Sparkle, they're over here. I just put them all up, whether it was of people or not, just in case any of you wanted to have a view shot or whatever. :)

I miss everybody! Let's just all go back, huh? Reality totally sucks. [g]

ETA: Apparently I put [ profile] _ducks down as [ profile] saffronra in some of those; I'm really sorry! I'll have to see if I can find the ones I got wrong to fix. (I need new glasses!)
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As those of you who were present are aware, one of the diversions available at Camp Sparkle was the Pink Book, into which was inscribed a story. Authors added five words at a time, as the urge struck. Contributors were: [ profile] nopseud, [ profile] pensnest, [ profile] trumpeterofdoom, [ profile] urbanoceanix, [ profile] saba1789, [ profile] rikes, [ profile] ihearthings_ii, [ profile] stellamira, [ profile] turloughishere, [ profile] iconis, [ profile] cardalia, [ profile] ninjetti75, [ profile] bubbleforest, [ profile] seiyaharris, [ profile] adelate, [ profile] ephemera_pop, [ profile] turps33, [ profile] _ducks, [ profile] simply_fly_away, [ profile] saffronra, and [ profile] archie_gremlin. Yes indeed, everyone who attended Camp Sparkle participated in the creation of this story. I warned you I would name and shame you all, and so I have.

IMPORTANT: in case the above does not constitute sufficient warning, please also be aware that we redefined the words 'bad' and 'wrong' during the weekend. Those of you with strong nerves may now read on.

DISCLAIMER: no actual ducks were harmed during the making of this story, but severe damage was done to the pile of pixie stix.

For Footnotes, see Footnotes

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I think it will save a lot of time and panic if room assignments are sorted beforehand, as the last thing we want when we arrive is a period of confusion with everyone dashing about trying to figure out where to sleep. We want to sit down for a nice cup of tea and a good giggle instead. I propose to dash about solo instead, putting labels on doors when we get there, so that everyone can find her/his room fairly handily. If at that point (or subsequently during the weekend) anyone wants to swap, you can sort yourselves out, I'm sure.

So. Each bedroom contains a double bed, and most of them also contain something that will turn into a single bed. Basically, we're going to be in threes. However, there'll be some twos, and I've confirmed with the caretaker that one of the rooms will actually sleep four.

I think there's already been a post advising everyone to figure out who they'll want to share with, so most of you will already have done that. Please reply to this post with the names of your bedroom-group. Incidentally, if you have no clue where you might fit in, don't worry, I'll find you somewhere (if you don't mind sharing a bed with someone you've just met, say so, otherwise I'll assume not).

One thing: it occurs to me that our European participants might well choose to share bedrooms based on native language! In which case, if there are four of you from one country (I really can't remember if that's the case) you will get priority on the 4-bedroom.

Camp Sparkle! Squee!
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(I hope I made this post clear enough)

Hello fellow campers! Our weekend of boyband debauchery is but only ONE WEEK away! Now down to the business of footage watching. If I'm not wrong we'll just whatever footage whenever we feel like it, but for this to work we need to have a library of available footage to work with. The cottage will have a big screen TV and a DVD player, but let's assume that the DVD player can only play Region 2 discs. [ profile] nopseud and [ profile] archie_gremlin are bringing along a laptop, I believe, and it'll be possible to hook the laptop up to the big screen TV so that we can watch the clips that might be on data DVDs or external harddrives.

I'm bringing along some burnt data DVDs of almost all the BSB footage I have (the interesting bits, and of course they're up for grabs for whomever wants them afterward), but I was wondering more about the official videos for *NSYNC, BSB and Justin. Most of my DVDs are Region 1s, and all of my BSB videos are on VCD, which might not play on a normal DVD player. It'll be possible to play them on a laptop on WMP, but even then the resolution will be quite bad.

I think [ profile] nopseud might be able to cover the bases for the Justin and *NSYNC DVDs, but I think she'll have to bring quite a lot of stuff for the weekend, so if anyone else would be willing to bring along their copies that would be brilliant. If the VCD option doesn't work, we might need BSB DVD back ups. I'm going to put a list of them under a cut, and if 5 or 6 of you bring one DVD each, we can cover all the bases. I'll still bring my folder of discs as back ups, but I'm sure you'd like to watch the hi-def videos rather than my crappy VCDs. :)

So, please answer these few questions in the comments to this entry. The idea is for us to have a biggish library of footage to pick and choose from to watch, rather than going "Let's watch clip X now!" at the cottage and realising that no one's got it in any form. I'll also be editing the post to note down who is bringing which videos.

1. What kind of footage would you like to watch at Camp Sparkle, and which specific clips?
2. Do you want themed nights (eg one night *NSYNC, then one night of BSB), or just random footage watching?
3. Will you be willing/able to bring any sparkly DVDs with you for everyone to watch? And if so, which ones? (as far as possible, DVDs should be Region 2)
4. Any other suggestions/questions?

List of Sparkly videos )

In addition, if anyone has any *NSYNCLand DVDs, you're welcome to bring them along. The more we have, the more choices we have! And if you've got any more questions (or if I haven't been coherent in this post), just comment away.
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We're currently calculating the travel costs for the round trip from Stansted, so we can let everyone know in advance how much it will be per head.

Now, a paranoid double check. Below is the list of people who answered this poll re: transport from Stansted on Friday. If you want/need to be collected from Stansted, and your name isn't here, please comment to let me know when you're arriving -- I really don't want us to leave anyone behind!

[ profile] rikes -- 12:15
[ profile] bubbleforest -- 11.20am
[ profile] stellamira -- 7:25 am
[ profile] saffronra -- not before 11am really
[ profile] interlock -- from London - coaches run 24/7
[ profile] iconis -- 12:15pm
[ profile] adelate -- 12:15 p.m.
[ profile] cardalia -- 12:15
[ profile] saba1789 -- 10:25am
[ profile] ihearthings_ii -- 11:20 am

[ profile] seiyaharris
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[ profile] pensnest and I have fixed the final cost for the weekend: £65.

Could people please get the balance of the money (£30) to me ASAP. If you need a reminder of the bank details or my address, then you can find them at the top of this post.

And see you all soon! Eeeeeeee!
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Originally, [ profile] nopseud and I thought that there'd only be a handful of us staying in the cottage for Sunday night. We had in mind that the half-dozen of us would make our way down to the nearby pub for our meal on Sunday evening, rather than cook in the cottage.

However, it seems there'll actually be quite a few of us (yay!), so we thought we'd give you the chance to decide whether we go to the pub or eat in.

I suggest that perhaps a bit of discussion of the pros and cons might be best before filling in the poll. For instance, in a public environment our conversation might not be quite as, er, slashy as it can be if we're in our own space. On the other hand, there'll be a greater choice of menu at the pub, and the cottage rep says the portions are very generous.


[Poll #938532]


Feb. 19th, 2007 10:00 pm
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We've budgeted (for certain perhaps rather loose values of the word 'budget') for some general snacks to be provided, very probably Pringles or something similar, plus fruit and biscuits. These will be available all day, so anyone who feels peckish can satisfy the cravings. However, if any of you feels like donating some goodies towards the general snacks, that would be most welcome - UK dwellers might be able to bake, for instance, though that wouldn't be very practical if you're coming from overseas. Or you might have a favourite snack food and feel inclined to share. There's *no* requirement for anyone to do this, but it might be fun and would surely be appreciated.

There's a coffee maker and an urn, so tea and coffee will be freely available at all times (we may have to appoint an Urn monitor and a Coffee Pot monitor!), and probably the soft drinks too.

Note: please bring your own mug! There will of course be cups available in the cottage kitchen, but we'll probably be drinking all the time, and frankly, I don't fancy chasing around the place for forgotten cups - so bring your own mug and use that, then everyone will be responsible for washing up her/his own, and there won't be any confusion about whose drink is whose. :-)
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A little investigation into the matter of beverages.

Firstly, alcoholic drinks will not be provided as part of the package. It's too complicated and too expensive. That doesn't mean Camp Sparkle is to be alcohol-free, no indeed, but if you think you'll want wine, beer, spirits or whatever, bring your own, and decide for yourself if you wish to share. Those of you flying in, or travelling by train, may want to make Arrangements with someone else to transport the necessary - I'm sure that can be sorted out privately.

(I shall probably bring a demijohn of white wine, which was given to me by my Pa some time ago, but there are no guarantees offered as to whether or not it is an agreeable drink. I have not broached it at all.)

What we will provide are hot drinks and soft drinks. So here are a couple of polls, to enable the shopping (I hope).
Read more... )
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A quick check to see what sort of food we'll need to be providing for you all. (21 signups! Yay!)

[Poll #926296]
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We now have 19 people signed up - yay! - and there's not much more than a month to go. If you haven't signed up yet, but are intending to come, please get your registration in (see this post), and we'll do our best to let you all know the actual cost for the weekend as soon as we can. I believe we said we'd have the costs by 16th of Feb, so if you're coming, you should definitely have confirmed it by then!


Oh, PS I saw my bro a couple of days ago, and he's happy to go ahead with the driving thing, including collecting from Ludlow on Monday before 10am. I explained to him that the conversation during the trip *might* be of an unexpected nature... He was a bit taken aback when I gave a two-sentence explanation of popslash, though it was probably on the lines of *My BIG SISTER writes that?*, but what really filled him with horror was my suggestion that he carry a large sign bearing the legend 'Camp Sparkle'. (This filled me with glee.) We may have to compromise and let him hold up your actual names instead...
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My brother communicated with me a couple of days ago, and, it turns out, is actually quite keen to do a bit of chauffeuring of ladies from Stansted to Ludlow and back again. It looks as though he's planning on hiring a car anyway, and will be going on to North Wales, and would find it very handy to have passengers to share the cost a bit, even if it does mean a bit of a detour.

So, would those of you who could drive a hire car actually prefer to go with this option? It'll still mean [ profile] nopseud and [ profile] archie_gremlin would be driving across to collect some of you, but it would save the right-hand-drivers from having to left-hand-drive. If you'd like to do this, can I suggest that as a starting point for costs, we figure out what the cost for a smallish hire car would have been, and use that as a basis for Mike's payment? I assume that gets added into the petrol costs for [ profile] nopseud and her man, and divided equally among those getting a lift, yes?
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Good-oh. We seem to be making a reasonable job, between us, of making sure everyone will have a means of getting to the cottage. Also, it is now Paid For. And, there are seventeen people signed up, which is excellent. Can we make it to twenty?

So, what are we going to do when we get there?

Well, [ profile] nopseud and I, with plenty of input from [ profile] ephemera_pop and [ profile] bun18 (who has Not Signed Up, *eyerolls*), have come up with a reasonable programme, subject to plenty of adjustment of course. Obviously there will be footage-watching, an activity enhanced to the nth degree by being done in the company of fellow sparkly fans. I am of the opinion that there should be a late-night Lava Lamp reading (and am prepared to sign up for at least a part of this torture experience) - perhaps some of you have further suggestions of this nature? The dread word karaoke has also been mentioned (more later). I think we should have a 'bring and buy' at some point, and will also go into that another day.

But, most of the fun will come from TALKING.

Now, with nearly twenty people in the house, we are going to have to find ways of directing the talking, for part of the time. No doubt there will be bizarre conversations over breakfast, lunch and dinner, in people's rooms, by the coffee machine, in the hot tub, at dead of night, etc, but we'd like to program some specific discussions and be focused at least for part of the time. So, are there any topics you think would make for fascinating discussion? What would you like to talk about?
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By my reckoning, there are still a couple of people who haven't filled out the transport poll yet, but I think I have enough info to assess the plan. This is what we're considering at the moment:

On Friday, my Other Half and I will drive down to Stansted, and collect people flying in + the Londoners. If we hire one other 5-seater car as well as our two, that should give us enough space for everyone, provided we're all sensible with luggage :-)

On Sunday, the Other Half will drive home via Stansted, dropping off the people who need to go back on Sunday. This will be better for him anyway, because it means he only takes one day off work.

On Monday, the remaining two cars will go back to Stansted to deliver people to their flights and trains.

The cost will be the hire car, plus we'd appreciate a contribution towards our petrol -- we can work out how best to split it all between us later, assuming people think the basic plan is okay. I also think it would be good if there could be two drivers for the hire car, just in case of emergencies.

So, how does this sound to everyone? Does anyone have any objections, or suggestions to improve the plan?


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