Jun. 13th, 2015 03:25 pm
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A quick word about food provision.

I'm sure we will be sharing out the cooking duties as usual. Just to remind you all, we ought to be trying to set down to eat at around 7 - 7.30pm, ideally. That gives us plenty of time for whatever is planned for the evening, and those of us who are Getting Old (koff) will be able to digest our dinners before bedtime.

If you are planning to sign up for cooking, check the Timetable post to see which day would be a good one for you. I think we all get caught out by how much more time it takes to prepare food for many people—and this time there will be *19* of us for most mealtimes, and at least one vegetarian and one gluten-free to be catered for—so please sign up for Kitchen Minion duties as well so that nobody has to do this alone!

I *think* I'm remembering correctly that there is a Morrisons supermarket close by at which we'll probably do the Big Shopping, so you can check for ingredient availability in advance. There's also an Aldi just up the road, and… a Co-Op?

Anyway. Signing up.

[ profile] pensnest, the usual Pies, unless there is a rebellion

Saturday: [ profile] turlough
NB You'll need to get a list of requirements together in time for the Friday Big Shop.

Sunday: [ profile] chalcopyrite, [ profile] ephemera
NB Ideally you'll get a list of requirements together in time for the Friday Big Shop.

Wedding Reception/Feast [ profile] nopseud and [ profile] pensnest will take charge.

nb All-Day excursion day on the timetable. [ profile] stellamira suggested that we might do pizza for one of the meals, and I think this might be a good day for it. We can buy some pizza bases and make up pizzas to preference. There could also be salad, garlic bread, onion rings or whatever. I think what this means is that if we're all out all day, it should be a reasonably quick dinner, and whoever volunteers to take charge needn't be good at cooking, just willing to be traffic police and make sure that things go into ovens at the right times.

ETA: just need a volunteer for this one. Basically to figure out the shopping list and to make sure appropriate ingredients are put out.

Wednesday: [ profile] ninjetti75, minion [ profile] pensnest

nb This is down as Afternoon Tea day, and traditionally is also Leftovers and Takeout day, so we probably don't need anyone taking charge. We could, though, set a Dinner Time for anyone who wants to talk about plans for Camp Sparkle 2016 to bring their food and their ideas to the table, which I think would be a good thing to do.

Signups welcome!
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Hi All!

Well. I've done a room assignment thingy, so can you take a look to make sure you are put where you want to be, before I call the owners and arrange for the beds to be made up accordingly.

Ground Floor
Bed 1 [ profile] _bettina_ (made up as double)
Bed 2 [ profile] msktrnanny (made up as double)
Bed 3 [ profile] fleurrochard and [ profile] stellamira (twin)

First Floor
Bed 4 [ profile] bubbleforest and [ profile] iconis (twin)
Bed 5 [ profile] rikes and [ profile] saba1789 (made up as double)
Bed 6 [ profile] pensnest and Beast (double)
Bunk Room [ profile] kira_j

Second Floor
I'm not allocating rooms by number as I'm not sure which is which, so to some extent it will be 'find your own' once you get there! (If the owner can give me room numbers I'll put them up.)

Double at back [ profile] nopseud
Small room on right [ profile] turlough (made up as double)
Twin [ profile] ninjetti75 and [ profile] ephemera
Twin [ profile] chalcopyrite and [ profile] fadedsouls
Twin [ profile] adelate and [ profile] ihearthings_ii

Is everybody okay with this?
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If you've signed up for Camp Sparkle 2015, you should be able to see your name on this post. The table shows whether or not I've had your signup form, and everyone's transport arrangements for getting to camp. If I've made a mistake, please let me know.
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I know we've usually kept ourselves pretty well entertained, but let me know what you think about these ideas!

1. Bobblehead / marionette adventures
Does anyone have sparkly bobbleheads or marionettes (preferably with No Strings Attached) that we could take on a tour of Wales and take pictures of them doing things?
Doesn't even have to be a full set, I think even just two would do nicely. Easier to carry around anyway.

2. Cookie decorating
Once upon a time [ profile] pensnest made a magnificent set of gingerbread boybanders, and Nick's crotch was too hard to eat. Ahem.
Anyway, everybody who wants to could participate in the decorating and eating, but we need somebody to find a suitable recipe (gingerbread or other) and a cutter (boybander-shaped? other?), make sure the ingredients and decorations go on the shopping list, and make the dough.

3. Photo scavenger hunt!
Each team would get a list of things they need to take a picture of/with during the week and the team who manages to do the most wins the game!
I think I'd like to organize this one (unless nobody wants to play), but could probably use some help with coming up with enough fun items. :)

4. Sparkly lyrics quiz!
We do great singalongs on the minibus, but how well do you actually know the lyrics? Could be played in teams or alone.
Whoever organizes this one gets to decide whether to just include BSB and NSYNC songs, or solo albums as well. Example questions: You hit me faster than a ___________ or What song has the word lynx in it? or whatever you want.

[Poll #2001709]
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Well, instead of a Sparkly Party we are, OBVIOUSLY, going to have a Wedding Day, with Wedding Reception. We have the Carter nuptials and Lance Loves Michael to squee over, to be followed by a proper wedding-style feast with appropriate cake and the inevitable disco afterwards. So make sure you are ready to dress for the occasion* **. (Not sure if it will be on Saturday or Sunday, but presumably the weekend will be when we have the most people there.)

Now, I think it would be awesome to have someone take charge of being the Cheesy Wedding DJ. As (some of) you are already aware, we have the awesome video wall of awesomeness and can therefore have a video wedding disco. [ profile] nopseud has the nominated vids from last year, but we must be able to find more stuff that is fun to dance to. Does anyone fancy taking on the job of compiling them and putting them into an order that will get everybody up and dancing and exhausted at our Wedding Reception? (Note that this probably gives you the opportunity to influence the chosen music, if that is an incentive.)


Other footage. We are, naturally, expecting that the Backstreet documantAry will be available, with extras, to provide another evening's worth of joy, weeping, angry shouting etc, but that still leaves some time to be occupied.

It would be really nice—I think—to have a telly-watching Plan in place in good time, and we have three and a half months to get ourselves prepared, so.

Firstly, what would people like to watch besides the above mentioned? Particular concerts? Films which feature SDBs in any guise? (I yearn to watch 'The Bloody Indulgent', which looks like UTTER CRACK, but will it be possible?) Would an evening spent comparing 'On The Line' with 'Friends With Benefits' be an evening well spent, or not? Is anyone prepared to endure enjoy 'Harry and Max' one more time? 'Edison'? House of Carters? Dancing with the Stars (a dance-off?)? Nominations in comments, please!

I think we could also put together brief collections of stuff which we've enjoyed and would like to share with Camp. I have, indeed, been collecting Lance footage under the "Because He's My Favourite" label for a while. I can fill about 45 minutes with five, just five, choice pieces. Can anyone else do the same for Your Favourite? (ETA: I have also found some fun Joey stuff.) Ideally, using more recent-ish footage we haven't been watching for ever? (How about Justin's VMAs footage?) We could have a "Because He's My Favourite" evening. I don't expect everyone to have as much material available as I have, because Lance has been very visible of late, and good luck finding 45 minutes of recent Chris footage, but I'd love to see it! Or you could compile a bunch of stuff on a different Theme, like "Crossovers" or "Cute Moments with Babies/Animals" or "Incredibly weird songs which JC sings on"... whatever you like, including the Classics. Any volunteers?

Your Camp Sparkle needs YOU!

* Dress code for Lance's wedding was 'Royal Wedding meets Met Ball', so pretty much anything goes, and you probably cannot have too much sparkle

** Magnificent hats will have to be removed while watching the footage, unless you are in the back row.


Oct. 27th, 2014 03:05 pm
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Now, then.

With the laudable goals in mind of (a) spreading the load, and (b) giving everyone plenty of time to get things done, can I suggest it is time to start thinking about footage?

We could quite easily, as [ profile] nopseud has pointed out, watch a concert every evening, and this would probably be a fun thing to do. Possibly we could invent a game or two to go with the concerts we know by heart (a PopOd pixy stix game could be devastating...).

Various sparkly people have also appeared in films great and small, and I for one am *longing* to see Kevin as a vampiric crackhead (or, er, whatever he was supposed to be in whatever that was). I can, in addition, report that there are sighting of Justin's bum in that romcom he did, should anyone be interested. So, are there sparkle-infested films that we should have on the menu? And if so, who has a copy?

Mostly, though, I'm thinking that various of us might put together some footage that we maybe haven't seen that much of, or could happily see again if only we could remember it, or following particular themes. A 'Crossover Footage' theme would actually be quite workable, if anyone wants to do that. Lance and AJ singing BSB songs and doing the Bye Bye Bye dance together?

I myself have already begun to collect things that Lance has done/is doing, since he is being obligingly prolific these days. I propose to share these, on the theme of "Because He's My Favourite". Are there others among you who would like to compile a selection involving your favourite? I should think a maximum of 30 minutes would be reasonable, and less would not be a problem. We might have a Favourites Night, or something. I'm thinking everyone could bring along their own compilation on a USB stick, or otherwise convey it to [ profile] nopseud if that is her preference.

And of course, if you can think of and compile a different Theme, that sounds like fun to me.

So, people. What do we want to watch at Camp 2015? And who's up for a little footage work?

PS MTYG signups, closing soon! If you haven't signed up, or if you know someone who ought to sign up and hasn't, get on it!
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June 19th - 26th, 2015.

Annotate your calendars now, people!

Apologies to those of you who were hoping for September; it looked as though more people would be able to make it in June, so we're going back to the Ship Inn. Those of you who were there this year know it's a pretty good venue (we, uh, hope they'll have dealt with certain water-related issues by then!), and those of you who missed out this year, we really hope you'll be able to make it to Camp 2015 and find out for yourselves.

Start crossing fingers, toes and anything else crossable for good weather next June!

And please, spread the news to the Campers who aren't reading their journals...


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