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I'm going to propose a timetable, entirely subject to change, because I think it will be useful to have a starting framework. Do read the other posts first!

ETA: I have changed a few things, based on timing and preferences expressed so far.

evening: Sparkly Lyrics Quiz, concert footage

daytime: Excursion to Penrhyn Castle (grounds open 11am, castle opens noon)
evening: Show 'Em What You're Made Of followed by weeping/joy/discussion

pm: Excursion to Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens
evg: concert footage? film? Footage Of Choice?

Wedding Day!!!
am: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
noon onwards: Nick Carter's Wedding Reality Show
followed by Joey Fatone's Wedding
followed by Lance Bass's Wedding
Wedding Reception Dinner (possibly served before Lance's Wedding so that we can graze while watching)
Cheesy Wedding Disco Party

Excursion Day: Conwy
am: Conwy Castle
pm: Plas Mawr Elizabethan House
nb alternative excursion to Aquarium for those not interested in Conwy
evg: concert footage? film? also possible baking of sparkly gingerbread men, ready to decorate on Wednesday

Excursion: Snowdon railway - I suspect the earliest train may be the best call, but we'll have to see what time we can book, and hope for the best weather-wise
pm: Sparkly gingerbread men cooking and decorating
evg: Footage of Choice

Llandudno, Afternoon Tea
evg Results of Photo Scavenger Hunt
a review of the activities of the marionettes

So. Your thoughts?
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a) I'm sure we will fit in many games of Cards Against Humanity, and I will bring the Dixit/Pixit stuff if there is demand. Also [ profile] ninjetti75's board and role-playing games.

b) Sparkly Dancing Boy Cookies, cooking and decorating. [ profile] stellamira has agreed to take charge of the cooking, as she has a recipe, and after that, anyone who feels like it can participate in the personalisation of the ninjabread cookies.

c) Sparkly Lyrics Quiz, which I think [ profile] bubbleforest was, er, volunteered to run—are you up for that? And [ profile] trumpeterofdoom expressed a willingness to help compile questions.

d) The Bobblehead Adventures! At least, I think [ profile] nopseud is going to bring marionettes. I suggest the small ones might be the most flexible, and if they have their strings, they can be posed 'dancing'. We must simply make sure that the bestringed SDBs accompany us on all excursions. I feel sure they will also be photographed making out in the shower, on the pool table, on the dashboard of the minibus etc.

Dammit. I don't think I have that miniature Lava Lamp any longer. There should be a baleful presence following them about.

e) Photo Scavenger Hunt, [ profile] rikes to organise. This presumably needs a Final Deadline and a judging time to be set towards the end of the week.
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Suggestions for places to visit. I'm going to leave out (most of) the things we visited last time. And please, if you have been looking at possible options in the vicinity and have something to add, do mention it now.

Obvious places to visit are:

Caernarfon Castle (£6.75) open 0930-1700 daily
Edward I era

Conwy Castle (£6.75) open 0930-1700 daily
Edward I era

Penrhyn Castle (grounds open 1100-1700, castle open 1200-1700) (£10.90, or £10.35 in group)
19thC Norman-style castle + grounds.
(Behind the scenes tour of house available 1200-1500 on Sat/Sun)

Plas Mawr (£5.75) open 0930-1700 daily
Elizabethan house in Conwy.

Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens (Anglesey) (£6.50) open 1200-1700 Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs

There is Llanberis , with the Welsh Slate Museum, the Electric Mountain (hydroelectric power station), and the rack-and-pinion railway to the visitor centre at the summit of Mt Snowdon. We had a trip to the Slate Museum and Electric Mountain last year. If anyone wants to do the Snowdon trip, we will need to book tickets in advance and take our chances with the weather.

There is the Blaenau Ffestiniog scenic Railway
with a nearby slate mine at Llechwedd Slate Caverns

and Portmeirion

and the Blue Planet Aquarium (£16.50, but discounts available for online booking)
open daily 1000-1700 (1800 at weekends) with first live show in Aquatheatre at 1130.

There is also Llandudno, where I assume we will probably go for Afternoon Tea again. There are various attractions in Llandudno, so we could probably spend quite a bit of the morning there and have our Tea as a late lunch as we did before.
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One of the main things that came out of our discussions about Camp last time was that we need to figure out a timetable well in advance, so it's time to start thinking about what we're going to do at Camp, and when we are going to do it.

I'm going to put up separate posts about the options over the next couple of days, as comments could get really unwieldy if they are all attached to just one.

Not everybody is going to be there for the full week, and there are various arrival times, so if you're a non-standard participant and really, really want to do something that's tentatively scheduled for a time you won't be at Camp, now is your chance to make a strong case for it to be scheduled more handily.

Posts will be:

1. Outings

2. Footage Schedule and Festivities

3. Other Fannish Stuff

4. A proposed timetable, as a place to start!


Oct. 27th, 2014 03:05 pm
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Now, then.

With the laudable goals in mind of (a) spreading the load, and (b) giving everyone plenty of time to get things done, can I suggest it is time to start thinking about footage?

We could quite easily, as [ profile] nopseud has pointed out, watch a concert every evening, and this would probably be a fun thing to do. Possibly we could invent a game or two to go with the concerts we know by heart (a PopOd pixy stix game could be devastating...).

Various sparkly people have also appeared in films great and small, and I for one am *longing* to see Kevin as a vampiric crackhead (or, er, whatever he was supposed to be in whatever that was). I can, in addition, report that there are sighting of Justin's bum in that romcom he did, should anyone be interested. So, are there sparkle-infested films that we should have on the menu? And if so, who has a copy?

Mostly, though, I'm thinking that various of us might put together some footage that we maybe haven't seen that much of, or could happily see again if only we could remember it, or following particular themes. A 'Crossover Footage' theme would actually be quite workable, if anyone wants to do that. Lance and AJ singing BSB songs and doing the Bye Bye Bye dance together?

I myself have already begun to collect things that Lance has done/is doing, since he is being obligingly prolific these days. I propose to share these, on the theme of "Because He's My Favourite". Are there others among you who would like to compile a selection involving your favourite? I should think a maximum of 30 minutes would be reasonable, and less would not be a problem. We might have a Favourites Night, or something. I'm thinking everyone could bring along their own compilation on a USB stick, or otherwise convey it to [ profile] nopseud if that is her preference.

And of course, if you can think of and compile a different Theme, that sounds like fun to me.

So, people. What do we want to watch at Camp 2015? And who's up for a little footage work?

PS MTYG signups, closing soon! If you haven't signed up, or if you know someone who ought to sign up and hasn't, get on it!


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