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We're making a relatively early start with registrations this year, as it's a new house and location.

Date: Friday 15th September to Friday 22nd September 2017.
Place: Honeysuckle Cottage, Manor Farm, Reighton, North Yorkshire, UK.

The house can sleep up to 22, which should be enough for everyone based on recent Camps. But, please, don't delay signing up if you're sure you're coming, because it really helps us plan the travel arrangements.

Exact prices for accommodation will depend on the number of people attending, but it will be somewhere around 125-145 UKP per person for the whole week. Shorter stays will be priced up proportionately. Food will be extra (~45 UKP for the whole week).

As it's a new location, your travel arrangement might differ from last year, especially if you got the train to/from Camp previously. Once again, there will be no Gatwick/Heathrow pickups. I'm near Rugby station, and have lots of space for accommodating Campers. There will be a minibus going from my house to Camp. You can find further details on the sign-up form, and I'll make a separate travel post later.

As usual, we won't be taking deposits, and you'll need to pay the full amount about a month before Camp Sparkle (or bring cash to Camp).

Send an e-mail to and I'll send you a registration form. I'll also send you a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet for keeping track of the registrations, so you'll be able to check that we have the details in order.
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We've set up [community profile] campsparkle over on Dreamwidth, for the convenience of those sparkly campers who have migrated over there. For the time being, we'll be posting everything to do with Camp planning to both comms.


Apr. 5th, 2017 02:54 pm
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This is the new DW comm for Camp Sparkle. For the time being, we'll be posting everything to do with Camp planning to both comms.
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Dear Campers

I have for a long time been convinced that we should make a Camp Sparkle video to this. We could have a lot of fun with it.

Now, of course, there is this, which is essentially the same video but perhaps even more relevant to our interests.

What do you think?
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The house we have booked is HERE; it is Honeysuckle Cottage, which sleeps up to 22. The website is a bit lacking, but the place is lovely. You can also look here for pictures.

If you look up Reighton, Yorkshire, on Google, you will see Manor Farm Holiday Cottages marked on the map. It's north of Bridlington, and not far from the coast.

[ profile] nopseud and I have not at present worked out any particular plans for getting people there, but I would imagine the usual kind of arrangements will apply. If it works out more conveniently for any of you, there are daily flights from Schiphol (Amsterdam) to Norwich airport, so you can stay in what ought by then (fingers firmly crossed) to be a fully functional Nest and travel to Camp with me and Beast.

Camp 2017

Dec. 22nd, 2016 09:44 am
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Hi everyone!

Firstly, a quick apology for my not getting back to those of you who commented on the previous post: LJ was messing about with my notifications, and I didn't realise they were there until today.

Anyway. We have booked Camp 2017 for the week commencing 15th September. Our apologies to those of you who cannot make it, and we'll hope to see you the following year. For everyone else, plenty of notice to get your holiday request in!

Happy Christmas, everyone, and a Merry New Year to you all.
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[ profile] nopseud and I have been on an Exploratory Trip to Yorkshire and have found an excellent (we're reasonably sure) cottage for us.

We need to book it *soon*.

And we have a question about dates. We could go for the week starting 30th June or 14th July, either of which would cost £2,800. This would mean a price increase of around £30 per person, depending on how many attend (which for the non-Brits among you will probably be irrelevant considering the way the pound is going). Or, we could go for a week in September at only £1,900, which is less than The Ship. It's just as likely we'll have pleasant weather in September as in July, so what mostly matters is when you guys can attend Camp.

[Poll #2057006]

NB There isn't time for an extended discussion of the nuances of when Camp should be - the cottage is filling up fast and we want to get it booked. Please fill in the poll as soon as you can, and prod everyone to make sure they also respond!
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I've just come across a very interesting post by Connie Willis. She seems to have visited the same bits of Wales that we did, and was struck by how very Tolkienish it all was. Now I think about it, she's absolutely right.

Camp Photos

Jul. 9th, 2016 02:21 pm
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Only a month late, I know but photos! from camp! Including the puppet's adventures at the castle and at the slate museum:

(also as it's just come on as I'm typing this, and seems relevant to our interests - the Just Eat Manband / BSB advert makes me giggle every time ...)
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Who's going to cook?

Friday [ profile] pensnest

Saturday (Feast) [ profile] pensnest and [ profile] nopseud

Sunday [ profile] bubbleforest, [ profile] iconis, [ profile] saba1789

Monday [ profile] turlough



Thursday we're out for Afternoon Tea, and Thursday is usually Leftovers and Takeaways Night

Signups for Chefs and Minions in comments, please. Sorry this is so late!
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Right. What I've come up with is as follows:

Ground Floor

Room 1: [ profile] sperrywink and [ profile] msktrnanny*

Room 2: [ profile] turlough

Room 3: [ profile] _bettina_

First Floor

Room 4: [ profile] pensnest and Beast

Room 6: [ profile] rikes and [ profile] saba1789

Room 5/7: [ profile] bubbleforest and [ profile] iconis
(I can't remember which number is the bedroom and which the bunk room)

Top Floor

Room 8: [ profile] nopseud and R
Room 11(?): [ profile] fleurrochard

Twin rooms:
[ profile] chalcopyrite and [ profile] fadedsouls
[ profile] adelate and [ profile] ihearthings_ii
[ profile] ephemera_pop and [ profile] ninjetti75

I'm not sure which rooms you guys are expecting to use, so rather than decreeing which number you go in, I'll let you sort that out for yourselves. If it comes down to "who can get up the stairs fastest", so be it!

* I've put [ profile] sperrywink and [ profile] msktrnanny together on the grounds that I can't remember whether either of you and [ profile] fleurrochard have met or not, but [ profile] sperrywink and [ profile] msktrnanny are LJ friends. However, [ profile] msktrnanny and [ profile] fleurrochard, if you want to swap, sort yourselves out!

I hope this works for everyone.

And note: there is the bunk room, and there's also (I think) a sofa bed in the upstairs lounge, so if anyone needs an alternative sleeping place, I think we're covered.

Candy call!

Jun. 5th, 2016 10:53 am
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Anybody want something sweet from the States?

Sound off below!


Jun. 4th, 2016 11:28 am
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A quickie poll to remind me how to proportion the pies!

My firs[Poll #2046535]
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It's time to figure out who is going to share with whom. Please comment with your chosen roomie, and if you have a preference for which floor you're going to be on (or which room you're going to be in), say so.

I think there were 19 of us last time, too; there are eleven bedrooms plus the bunk room, so some of you will be able to have a single room. No promises on that score, but if you'd prefer a room to yourself, please say so. And if you are sharing, please say whether you want singles or a double bed.
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PLEASE fill out the polls, even if you already commented on Pen's activities post. We need to know numbers because we might be booking additional transport.

Caernarfon castle/slate works/aviation museum

This will now be on SUNDAY (not Tuesday).

Tickets for the castle are £7.95.
Tickets for the slate works self-guided tour are £5.50.
Tickets for the aviation museum are £6.50.

Caernarfon Castle is right in the middle of the town, so if you choose to visit Caernarfon only you can also explore the town. The Welsh Highland Railway also runs from Caernarfon to Porthmadog if you fancy a scenic trip.

[Poll #2046079]

Portmerion/Plas Brondanw gardens

This will now be on TUESDAY (not Sunday).

Tickets for entry to Portmerion are £11.00 on the day. We may be able to get a group discount if we book in advance but we need to know exact numbers.

Tickets for Plas Brondanw gardens are £4.00.

If people would like to spend the whole time at either one of these rather than visiting both, we can arrange suitable drop-off and pickup times.

[Poll #2046080]


This is scheduled for WEDNESDAY.

Tickets for the Snowdon summit railway are:
£23 for the Early Bird (09:00 am train), which obviously has a much higher chance of cloud at the summit.
£29 for the diesel trains (10:00, 12:00 or 14:00).
£37 for the steam trains (09:30, 13:00).

If the weather forecast is cloudy, we will have a day trip to Chester instead. It's a very pretty cathedral city with plenty of shops and sightseeing. Depending on how the numbers/transport works out, we might also be able to split the day's trips and people can choose Snowdon or Chester (no guarantee). ETA: Chester also has a large zoo, which could be an option.

[Poll #2046081]

Afternoon Tea

This is scheduled for THURSDAY afternoon.

[Poll #2046082]
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I've had a go at a preliminary timetable. Comments, suggestions, requests etc, please. I'm perfectly happy to rearrange, and will repost a revised/finalised version when you've had your say.

Does anyone have requests for footage? I think we should watch Nick Carter's DWTS, possibly even in conjunction with Joey's and Lance's DWTS, which we have not looked at in a long time. What say you? When looks like a good day?

arrivals, possibly a concert

General Camp stuff, reconnecting, games, etc
Feast and Party

Sunday now TUESDAY
nb It will take about an hour to get to either place, and they are ten minutes apart. I'm not sure whether it is a good idea to try to do both in one day, or to pick one. Your thoughts?

Craft and Cookery Day/random wanderings otherwhere for people who don't want to do craft stuff. Possibly you could build sandcastles instead.
Dead 7

Tuesday now SUNDAY
Caernarfon Castle, possibly also Slate Works/Aviation Museum

Snowdon Railway
nb we need to book this in advance, which I suggest is best done as soon as we have some kind of weather forecast for the week.

Llandudno: shopping/Bodnant Farm Park/Afternoon Tea at 1630ish (or later?)
nb we're looking at somewhere a bit fancy for Afternoon Tea, but it won't be a lunch substitute as they don't start serving until 1530, so perhaps we can treat it as a dinner substitute instead.

I don't know if we want to timetable such things as the Games, what do you think?

Once we have firmed up the timetable of activities (as far as possible, since the weather will almost certainly have a role in deciding things), I'll put up a cooking schedule post.
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Hmm. Well. Post-poll, I'm wondering whether going off to some kind of workshop is really worth doing? I can get back to the gallery place and ask if they'd be happy to do a workshop for 5-6 people, which looks like all it would be, but perhaps it would be better for those of us who like the idea simply to show up at their open session, which I believe is on Wednesday afternoon?

What we could also do is have some in-house creative options, not necessarily scheduled but available as backups in case of foul weather.

I'm planning on bringing crayons and some of the nifty adult colouring books for everyone to share.

We could do our own cupcake baking and decorating session (does anyone have fancy icing nozzles?), or do the ninjabread men in sparkly outfits?

And is there anyone who'd like to learn to knit, or to learn some knitting techniques they don't know? Because I think there are enough people who knit to be able to run quite a fun session on beginning/improving. I've got about a thousand knitting needles and quite a lot of stash yarn which I'm happy to donate.

I *could* bring the glass painting stuff, if anyone wants to have a go at making Pen-style cards - will only dig it out of the Lion's Cage if there is actual interest, so let me know.

Does anyone else have an arty-crafty skill they could share?

Most importantly, would any of you like to participate in any of the above?
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Hi! I'll be working out the final payments for Camp in the next week or so. If you haven't sent back your sign-up form yet, please could I have it ASAP. If you're wanting to come but haven't asked for a form yet, please get in touch even ASAPer :-)
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As zombies and called dances are not winning the Sparkly Camper love, we'll be going back to the drawing board. Thanks for everyone's input!

Our plan for the Sparkly Party this year is Cowboys & Zombies, in honour of the cinematic masterpiece[1] Dead 7. This gives everyone a choice of zombie or Wild West themed clothing. Or combine both! Or go for boyband zombies! Or boyband cowboys in sparkly chaps! Or just bring a plaid shirt and jeans and call it good :-)

Pen will be bringing her face paints. There's also a costume shop in Llandudno to which we can organize an expedition if people would like to pick up accessories. For zombie costuming, we can hit up a couple of charity shops so people can find something cheap to rip up.

There will be a cake, and appropriately themed food. In place of the Sparkly Dance Party, we're looking into booking a live ceilidh band so that we can have some called barn dancing/line dancing in the evening. We're running a bit of a surplus in the Camp account at the moment which lets us cover some of the cost of that, but it would need a bit extra on top of what we have, but definitely no more than £10 a head.

Is the barn/line dance idea something that people would enjoy and think is worth the money?
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I've done a little investigating, and there are two fairly different options for your consideration.

The Cupcake lady could come to us at The Ship Inn on June 11th (Saturday), either from 10am-1pm or 10am-3.30pm. This includes learning how to make decorations from scratch for cupcakes, using various tools and equipment. And in the process learning different skills, techniques and tips including piping buttercream.

Cost is £65 per person for the morning-only class or £100 per person for the full day. I'm assuming we would get to eat the cupcakes.

A completely different option would be to have a workshop in the Bay Gallery in Colwyn Bay, on the Tuesday afternoon. This would be just £5 each, maximum of twelve people, and we could be taught one of the following:
- coloured pencils
- pastels
- watercolours
- drawing techniques

I have sent an enquiry re some kind of art class to the other possibility but have not so far heard anything back.

I think if we're going to do one of these, we'll need to book it soon, therefore there needs to be a decision on what we want. Therefore, a poll.

Please tell everyone you can think of who ought to see this poll that it exists and that they should fill it in. And I beg you, don't even think about saying you don't mind what we choose. That is no help at all! Pick preferences.

[Poll #2040999]

If you have no interest in participating in any of these activities, please say so in comments.

If there is only one thing you would want to participate in, please fill in the first choice poll only.


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