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Yes, it's true, we're lacking a hot tub this year. {sadface} But in its place we can offer...

The Camp Sparkle Spa Experience!

Recreate the pampered luxury lifestyle of a popstar, only with more Pixy Stix!

Some of you already know that I'm currently doing a course in beauty therapy. So, with all you gorgeous folk congregating for the weekend, I thought I'd take the opportunity to get in some practise. I need to leave on Tuesday, so I don't know exactly how many treatments I'll be able to fit in, but I want to have a quick check for interest levels. Which means, yes, another poll. :-)

[Poll #1144577]

(That's facial treatment, manicure, or both/either.)
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Me again. (You'll all be fed up with me by Friday!)

It seems like a good idea to post a proposed schedule, that'll give you - particularly those of you who are staying for the week - an idea of what is available to you, and how much it may cost to participate.
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Time to decide who you want to sleep with!

Okay. As far as I can make it out from the website, we have the following:

(ground floor)
Bedroom A Double bed

(first floor, via stairs to left of dining area)
Bedroom B 2 singles
Bedroom C double bed

(landing via staircase on right of living area)
Bedroom D double bed plus single bed
Bedroom E three single beds

(via who knows where, there seems to be a door involved at some point, and probably stairs)
Bedroom F double bed
Bedroom G double bed
Bedroom H double bed plus two singles

Bedroom X The Slumber Party room - eight singles

I'm hoping that lots of you will want to be in the Slumber Party room (sleep? wot's that then?). However, it'd be nice to distribute you in a way that makes everyone comfortable - and I'd like to have it sorted out before we arrive so that it's easy to figure out where to put people. Some of you may desperately wish to have a room to yourselves so you can hide away when it all gets too overwhelming! Some may particularly want to share with particular others. I myself intend to claim one of the double-bed-only rooms since my Beast will be joining us on Monday. In theory, there could be a separate bed for everyone, but whether that'll work out in practice depends on things like, how many of you want to go in the Slumber Party room.

So. Please comment to this post with your preference(s). I'm going to screen comments, and I'll do my best to make a suitable list of who goes where.
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[ profile] nopseud and I thought it would be fun (and work-lite) to have a supper of traditional British fish and chips on Saturday evening. We'll need to give them a bit of notice, so please let us know what you'd like.

[Poll #1143729]

* I don't know what kinds of pie there may be, the usual suspects are steak, minced beef, chicken, but I make no guarantees. If necessary, specify in comments and give a second option in case what you want isn't available.
** A Cheese Fryit is apparently not unlike a fishcake, only... made of cheese. A veggie option.
*** I hope somebody will try one of these so that I can see what it is. Won't be me, though.


Feb. 23rd, 2008 11:11 am
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First the bad news -- although we were hopeful it would happen in time, the cottage doesn't have internet access.


The Lyndhurst public library offers free wifi access for laptops, and also a free guest computer. So there is at least internet access in the village, albeit with limited opening hours.

The library opening times are as follows:

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 10am-1pm 4pm-7pm
Wednesday: 3pm-5pm
Thursday: closed
Friday: 10am-1pm
Saturday: 10am-1pm
Sunday: closed
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A note for you guys who're getting the train to Southampton and then - I assume - bus to Lyndhurst.

The only bus stop in Lyndhurst from the Southampton direction is right by a big fat ugly hotel. When you get off, continue walking in the same direction, along the High Street (which is the street you're in), and past the traffic lights at the T-junction. Keep going on the same road, and when you get to the church (on the left, and up) and see a school on the right, cross over at the zebra. The Old Stables is immediately to the left of the school.

It really isn't very far...

(If you're getting the bus for the return trip, I have a feeling there is a much handier stop near to TOS, but Lyndhurst is basically one big one-way system and the bus doesn't loop the loop.)
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Question for those of you who are taking a train into Southampton Central and then taking a bus to Lyndhurst, what time is everyone arriving? [ profile] _ducks and I should be getting into the station at 1540. If there are enough of us arriving at around the same time, we could meet up and set off together, no?

Pen, are we planning on having the Swag Exchange again? I've got even more stuff to get rid of contribute to the pile if we're doing it.

ONE MORE WEEK! \o/ I can't wait!
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I have a few questions and since I think they might be of common interest:

1. Are there going to be towels at the cottage again or do we have to bring our own this time?

2. Should we bring our own cups for tea/coffee/whatever again?

3. I know Josh already offered bringing stuff from the US (♥!) but is there anything I should bring? Kinder Surprise anyone?


Um, that's already it. Thanks for your attention and any help. *makes herself go to bed*
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... has been much reduced from last year.

[Poll #1137936]

If there's something you cannot or would much prefer not to eat, please put details in comments.

Non-fizz drinkers, there will be tea and coffee, squash and orange juice provided, fear not.

A reminder that alcohol is basically Bring Your Own. There are, however, pubs and a supermarket within easy walking distance, and also at least one shop that sells mead and a variety of liqueurs.
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Hi guys - please check out my Transport post, which has been edited for a lot more detail.
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A quick reminder - we'll be paying for Camp Sparkle on Monday. So, if you haven't sent in your registration form, get moving! In fact, if you've been dithering about whether to come, and have only just made up your mind to it, please let [ profile] nopseud know, so that she has a complete master list of who's intending to participate.

At this stage, if you're not certain you'll be staying for the week, just book the weekend - but if you are certain, again, please make sure [ profile] nopseud has your details confirmed. (I don't suppose they'll mind taking more money if people want to stay extra time, but I shouldn't think they'd be keen to take less.)

Also, Yay!


Jan. 18th, 2008 02:22 pm
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Can I just have a confirmation on who will be needing a lift from the airport to Camp Sparkle?

Just comment if you're coming in to Stansted or Heathrow. I'm assuming a pickup from Stansted at around lunchtime, and I should think about an hour later at Heathrow, so let me know when you're due in.


Right. I've booked the minibus, and I've also seen it. It's a 15-seater, which means it will easily accommodate those of use who are staying for the week and doing some sightseeing, *but*, there is no separate space for luggage. So I will have to assume that in practice we have rather fewer than 15 seats available for the trip to Camp Sparkle, as we'll have to put the luggage somewhere.
particularly as most of you coming from outside the UK are staying the full week, which will mean a decent-sized suitcase rather than a weekend-only backpack. Plus, I'll have to pack in a fair bit in the way of comestibles. So if you can, bring baggage that can be stuffed under seats!

I know that last year we had around ten passengers from Stansted to Camp Sparkle, including three Londoners. This time, I suggest that the UK-dwellers make their own way, and I will take myself and nine passengers, picking up from Stansted and Heathrow. I think it's fair to give priority to the people who've had to fly in.

As far as I can see, that means [ profile] stellamira, [ profile] bubbleforest, [ profile] fadedsouls, [ profile] adelate, [ profile] iconis, and [ profile] rikes can be picked up from Stansted, and [ profile] saba1789, [ profile] ninjetti75 and - I assume? - [ profile] msktrnanny from Heathrow.

Is that going to leave anyone stranded at the airport?

Things will be easier when it comes to the return trip on (I assume) Friday (7th) morning, as [ profile] bubbleforest and [ profile] fadedsouls are only staying for the weekend* - and there won't be supplies (not in any great quantity, anyway) needing space. So [ profile] turloughishere can certainly get a ride back too. (I've seen you post that you'll be meeting up with some of the UK peeps for the journey to Lyndhurst on the 29th, yes?)

My apologies to London-dwellers who were hoping to join the minibus ride, but I don't think it'll be possible. Note that when I checked the National Express coach site, there were coach trips to Southampton available from £1 each way. I dunno what the train fares are. The number 56 or 56A bus to Lymington leaves Southampton railway station at 19 and 44 minutes past the hour for most of the day, with the last buses at 1754 and 1854, and goes into Lyndhurst ([ profile] nopseud and I will get a better idea of where exactly it stops when we do our scouting foray), but if you arrive later on, I'm sure one of us (ie [ profile] nopseud, as I shall be Lying Down**) will be able to retrieve you.

Cost of minibus: £7.50 each way.

Any questions?

* and can travel back to Stansted in luxury on a nearly-empty minibus!
** being fanned and plied with restorative beverages, I do trust
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Hi All!

Getting excited, are we? Good!

I'd a bit of advance preparation on what we're going to be doing at Camp Sparkle. Obviously, watching footage and squeeing will take up much of our time, but there's Ninjetti's game, and I'd quite like to schedule some slightly more formalised discussion time. There may be other things we could usefully programme into the weekend.

So, suggestions, please.

Is there some particular activity you'd like to do?

Any ideas on items we could discuss? Could be anything from 'how to run a different kind of challenge' to 'what are the particular characteristics of each available pairing' to 'religion in popslash' to... well, what would you like to talk about?

Is there a particular bit of Important Footage that we absolutely must watch? I'm leaning towards giant space bulls myself, and I know there is a plot afoot to boggle the newcomers with plan to introduce people to the necessary trauma experience of watching 'Harry and Max' together. Do we ameliorate this with a showing of 'Little Red Riding Hood'?

Let's have your thoughts.
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In two weeks' time, we have to give the final numbers for Camp Sparkle to the cottage owners and pay for the cottage hire.

If you don't have access to this locked post, then I haven't yet received a registration form and/or deposit from you, and you are NOT currently confirmed as attending Camp Sparkle. I'm pretty sure this includes some people who definitely ARE coming.

If you're not on that post, and you're still planning on attending, then please let me know and send me a registration form as soon as you can. It doesn't matter if you can't get the deposit to me right away -- we need the registration forms so we can inform the cottage owners how many people are coming and how many nights they are staying.

NB: My mail is currently not functioning. Please send any e-mail to My mail seems to be fixed! {fingers crossed}

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Okay, actually it's just about the flights - I was curious when people's flights are coming in to Stansted. [ profile] bubbleforest and I are on the same flight and will be there just after eleven a.m. on Friday morning, so who do we get to hang out with? :)
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Hey guys! I've remade one of the Camp Sparkle icons I did last year (ie. updated the dates.) As always, snag away and enjoy! I'm so looking forward to seeing you guys again. ♥

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If you enjoyed yourself at Camp Sparkle 2007 and you want to do it all again, or you missed all the cracktastic, sparkly, hot-tubbing fun then and you don't want to miss it this year, now's the time to act! One-time-only, opportunity of a lifetime! Don't miss your chance! This is POP! Sign ups for Camp Sparkle 2008 are open!

Camp Sparkle 2008

Date: Friday February 29th to Friday March 7th 2008.
Place: The Old Stables at Lyndhurst in the New Forest.
Cost for accommodation:
- Staying Fri/Sat/Sun nights PLUS any of the following nights up to the full week will cost 87 UKP.
- Staying Fri/Sat/Sun nights ONLY will cost 74 UKP.
- Staying Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs nights ONLY will cost 56 UKP.
Cost for food: 20 UKP (covers food for Fri-Sun only).
Registration deposit: 40 UKP.

ETA:The exact dates you'll be staying for can be changed later if necessary. We're asking for dates now so that we can assess a) how many people fall into which of the price bands, b) when minibus trips are likely to be needed, and c) catering needs. Please, book early and change, rather than delay.

How to register

- Send an e-mail to (which is where all e-mail about the con should go).

- I'll then e-mail you a registration form, plus various options for how to get the deposit money to me.

- Once your registration has arrived, I'll add your name to the table on this filtered post, and put you on the filter for it. When your deposit has been paid into the Camp Sparkle account, I'll note that on the table, and likewise when the final payment happens closer to February. So you'll be able to check at a glance that you're registered, and whether or not your money has made it here safely.

The cottage we're renting will sleep up to 28 people. At the moment we aren't expecting more people than we can accommodate, but if that happens, then registrations will be made on a first-come first-served basis.


a) Up to the 29th January 2008, registrations can be cancelled without penalty and the deposit will be returned.
b) After the 29th January 2008, cancelled registrations will lose the deposit.
c) Very late cancellations, after the 22nd February 2008, will lose the whole payment.

Exception to b) and c) -- if the con is fully booked, and there are people waiting for places, then provided that a replacement can be found for you, your payment(s) will be refunded.
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In the light of JC and Lance's recent adventures as bobbleheads in Vegas, I feel that it is essential we have our boys along in some form to enjoy the fun at Camp Sparkle: the Remix.
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Camp Sparkle 2008 will run from Friday February 29th to Friday March 7th. The accommodation we've booked is The Old Stables at Lyndhurst in the New Forest.

The 'main event' will be the first weekend as before, with 24 hour wall-to-wall sparkliness, fun and pixie stix. While we're sure that the rest of the week is going to be pretty damn sparkly too, we're also planning trips out from the cottage, etc.

The Place

The Old Stables is right in the centre of the village of Lyndhurst itself, which means that we'll have various pubs and restaurants and also local shops within walking distance.

There are plenty of pictures on the website to give you an idea of the cottage itself. For anyone concerned about the apparent lack of large-screen TV, I can assure you that we'll have one for the week, by one means or another. The cottage owners are looking at having a multimedia centre installed; if it isn't ready by then, Pen and I will hire a TV.

Within easy driving distance of Lyndhurst there are plenty of interesting places to visit, including lots of excellent historical sites, country walks, and the south coast. We'll be organising trips out for people who'd like an alternative to 24 hour sparkly dancing boys. (E.g. a sparkly dancing boy-themed picnic at Stonehenge.)

The Price

Accommodation at The Old Stables is charged at a fixed price per head, and therefore we can give a firm price right away.

The price for accommodation at The Old Stables will be £75 per person for the weekend only, or £87 for the full week (or part thereof if it includes the weekend). No one who responded to the previous poll suggested that they'd want to come for the latter part of the week only, but if this turns out to be the case for anyone then it can be arranged, and will be £56.

We haven't yet finalised the catering arrangements, but the most likely option is that Pen and I will provide a menu for the first weekend as before, adding a food budget for that to the base price; then depending on how people feel we will consider various options for the rest of the week. (Yes, we'll be polling!) Last time, food for the weekend cost £20 per head, and we expect this will be about the same.


A major consideration for the change of venue is better public transport and road access. Southampton is a mainline station, with direct trains from all over the country. National Express also run plenty of coaches to Southampton, and a few services into Lyndhurst itself. There is a regular and frequent bus service that runs between Southampton station and Lyndhurst village (the last bus from Southampton leaves there at 18:49, the first bus back in the morning leaves from Lyndhurst at 06:53). Lyndhurst is also easily accessible by road, being only a few miles from the M27.

In addition to these options, we plan to run a minibus from Stansted to the cottage on the opening Friday, and back again to Stansted the following Friday. If there is a demand for a group departure on the Monday or Tuesday, then there might be an additional run. We'll have the minibus at the house all week, to use for trips out, etc.

A registration post will follow soon, with exact details about when and how much you'll need to pay. For now we'd like an idea of how many people are planning to come, given the information here. Please fill in the poll, it really helps us to plan things as well as we can.

[Poll #1048944]

Please pimp this around, especially if you know anyone you think might like to come but who doesn't have this comm friended. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave them in the comments.
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Hi all!

[ profile] nopseud and I have been investigating sites and dates for next year's Camp Sparkle, and we think we need more input.
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