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Camp Sparkle 2011 registrations are now open.

To remind everyone, Camp Sparkle this year runs from 20th-27 May, and will be held at Beech Hill House, in Alfreton, Derbyshire, UK.

Exact prices for accommodation will depend on the number of people attending, but it will be around 60-70 UKP per person for the whole week. Shorter stays will be priced up proportionately. Food will be extra (~40 UKP for the whole week), and we'll once again be organizing transport to and from airports, which will cost ~20 UKP.

We won't be taking deposits, as that's worked out okay for the last two years. You'll need to pay the full amount about a month before Camp Sparkle.

Please don't sign up unless you're 100% sure you're coming, and conversely, if you are 100% sure you're coming, please sign up as soon as you can. The house can hold up to 23. If more people than that want to register, then places will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

Send an e-mail to and I'll send you a registration form.

p.s. LJ and/or my ISP has apparently decided that I don't deserve to get any comment notifications. So if you have any questions, you'll probably get a faster response by e-mail.


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